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Plexi (Part 2) – Adaptors are evil!

UPDATE 2014-07-02: Adaptors are not really evil.  We are currently developing both Connectors and Adaptors.  The point of these articles is to help you draw your own conclusions.  : ) Previously I discussed the Plexi Adaptor framework for the Google Search Appliance. Adaptors can provide a simple and elegant way to index a content repository.  An Adaptor sits in front of a […]

Plexi: GSA adaptors for non-HTTP content repositories

The Google Search Appliance has historically required Connectors to facilitate the indexing of non-HTTP content repositories.  A Connector is a program that sits between the GSA and a repository, and pushes the GSA everything it needed to know to index the repository (including the content, metadata, and security information).  A Connector can use any technique to interrogate the repository […]

FileNet P8 5.2: Highly Scalable Process Architecture

In The Beginning… FileNet created Visual WorkFlo. In the years since, the software improved steadily, but the architecture mostly remained. With the release of version 5.0, IBM had rewritten the entire Process code base in Java; yet it remained wrapped in COM and the macro architecture remained mainly unchanged. Then came P8 5.2, and our […]