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Creating AEM Content Packages with Groovy Console

For those who (like me) sometimes need to create content packages of content using a list of tens or hundreds of paths. At best, using AEM’s package manager is tedious, but at worst, it is many, many wasted minutes of clicking. Many developers would resort to creating one by hand by doing lots of copy/paste. […]

Bypassing Ad Blockers

1st Party Adobe Launch with ACS AEM Commons

Adobe has supported CNAME configuration for Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target for some time now, but unfortunately doesn’t provide the same for Launch by Adobe. The latest version of ACS AEM Commons, version 4.4.0, includes a new feature to fetch remote files and serve them via AEM. The primary use case I implemented this feature […]

Web Forms

Adding Marketo Forms in AEM Pages

Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo brings exciting opportunities to extend Adobe’s considerable marketing capabilities with a tightly integrated B2B and ABM solution. As a leading partner of both Adobe and Marketo, Perficient is leading the push to integrate these solutions. One of the main integration points between AEM and Marketo is via Marketo’s JavaScript forms. We built […] Resizeimage (3)

Dynamic Dropdowns in AEM Content Fragments

In this post, I’ll show you how to easily and cleanly create a dynamic dropdown in an AEM Content Fragment Model driven by an ACS AEM Commons Generic List. What are Content Fragments? But first, what are Content Fragments? Content Fragments are a powerful feature in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for managing structure content. Each Content […]

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New ACS AEM Commons Contribution: Tag Reports

Tags are one of the most powerful features of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), using tags content authors and asset managers can create secondary taxonomy associations between content. The challenge with many AEM installations is that tag taxonomies tend to grow over time, especially if ad-hoc tags are enabled. AEM’s Tag Administration console allows Taxonomy Managers […]

ACS Tools Contribution: Dumplibs

If you’ve ever worked with clientlibs in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), you are probably familiar with the dumplibs tool: http://localhost:4502/libs/granite/ui/content/dumplibs.html. The tool allows you to find clientlibs by category, path, etc. However, the UI is lacking and searching for a clientlib is not as easy as it should be. The page refreshes with every action and […]


Mastering AEM Dispatcher Part 6: Managing Redirects Made Even Easier!

In my previous post, Mastering AEM Dispatcher Part 5: Managing Redirects Like a Master, I introduced an easy way to maintain lists of redirects in AEM. After using the tool for awhile, the team suggested some improvements to make it easier to maintain redirect maps, especially when maintaining an existing list of redirects. Most users […]

Report Builder

New From Perficient Digital: Content Reports in AEM

Last week a new version of ACS AEM Commons, 3.14.0 dropped. This latest release included a new feature for creating configurable reports. These reports allow semi-technical users and administrators to create and execute custom reports and export the results as a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file.   Why do you need Content Reports?   Content reports allow […]

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Long Running Jobs Hate Him! One Simple Trick for Quicker AEM Content Jobs

That Job Many projects have that job. You know the one. It’s every Sys Admin’s nightmare, but it performs some critical task for the website. It also takes several hours to run and has the occasional tendency to do bad things like… take down a server. What if I told you there’s a way to make that […]

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New from Perficient: ACS AEM Commons Audit Log Search

On a recent project, we had some issues around go-live where production content was being overwritten, deleted or changed. We needed to figure out what was causing these issues quickly, as this was affecting author productivity and could potentially cause content issues if the wrong content went live. At the time, we used queries in […]