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Using Cognos Analytics to Improve Quality of Healthcare

The healthcare industry pressures and technology maturity are starting to converge, and as they do the organizations that are equipped to capture data, integrate and analyze it from multiple systems will be able to generate greater insights that will drive a shift from volume-based to value-driven healthcare that improves consumer engagement and care delivery. IBM […]

Do EMRs Provide Enough Data to Drive Insights in Healthcare?

Many argue that it remains to be seen if EMR initiatives will live up to the promise of improving healthcare. While technology is making an impact on the industry other forces are rapidly creating unprecedented disruption, uncertainty and risk within the healthcare industry. Federal mandates for reporting quality and outcomes are accelerating this change and […]

Addressing critical healthcare transformation issues

Americans spend more on healthcare than the citizens of any other industrialized country, whether it’s measured in total spending, per capita spending, or as a percentage of GDP. And the rate of growth is similarly remarkable. By 2016, healthcare spending in the U.S. is expected to double from 2 to 4 trillion dollars which equates […]

Business Insight Requires Vision and Analytics

Perficient’s award-wining IBM Business Analytics practice is a Gold sponsor of Vision 2013. During the conference our subject matter and industry experts will be on-hand to discuss how Perficient helps our clients leverage accurate, timely and integrated information to transform information into actionable intelligence that provides insight, drives planning and improves performance. Our experience with […]

Learn How Mission Health is Using Data to Improve Quality of Care

With Perficient’s help Mission Health is leveraging IBM’s master data management (MDM) to build a scalable, accurate foundation around its most critical data to support critical business processes across the enterprise – information about patients, providers, facilities, organizations, employees and more. Watch this webcast and learn how Mission Health is using Big Data and Analytics […]

Perficient & IBM – Making an Impact in 2013

Perficient is Showcasing Our Award-Winning IBM SOA, BPM, and Mobile Solutions & Services at IBM’s Impact 2013 Conference Perficient is a gold sponsor of Impact 2013, and our experts are available in Booth G9 to discuss how customers can implement impactful technology solutions including BPM, service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud, mobile and WebSphere solutions for major […]

Perficient “Gets Bold” at IBM Connect 2013

Visit Perficient at IBM Connect 2013. You can download the eBook “Get Bold”, and learn how the enterprise is responding to consumer expectations for engagement via social channels. Perficient partners with organizations to help navigate the social landscape, and design and implement the right technologies, whether it is CMS, portals or e-commerce solutions, to foster social […]

Perficient Gold Sponsor of IBM Information On-Demand Conference 2012

IBM’s IOD conference has become one of those annual traditions that marks a milestone in the year for our IBM partnership. Maybe it’s because of the time of year or just the amount of effort that goes into the conference by both Perficient and IBM, but each year we’re reminded introspectively of just how much […]

How Premier healthcare alliance is building social business, transforming healthcare

            Thursday, October 18, 2012 – 1:00 – 2:00PM CT REGISTER Join Perficient and Premier Healthcare and hear how Premier is integrating business processes with social and analytical tools from IBM to create a competitive advantage and pioneer a better way of providing care. Learn how to leverage IBM Social […]

WTX HIPAA EDI Pack – Compliance Checking

The IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) is a universal transformation engine that can validate and transform any data, work directly in any architecture, and can be used for transformations across the enterprise. WTX supports specific industry packs such as healthcare services, which provide capabilities to perform following: Transform, validate, and enrich any data Deliver trustworthy […]

Message Broker – ESQL – Autonomous Transaction

Sometimes while writing transactional code in ESQL, we encounter need for committing certain database operations irrespective of success or failure of parent transaction. For example, writing information to a log; updating a sequence number in a table based on some business logic etc. Recently we encountered such a situation in a healthcare project I was […]

IBM Websphere Transformation Extender – Power of Packs

IBM Websphere Transformation Extender (WTX) product is a powerful, transaction oriented universal data transformation and validation solution that provides flexibility to IT Systems and adapts to market changes quickly. Its codeless feature, industry packs gives powerful boost to generate complex mappings in no time. Following are the different packs provided: For Healthcare: HIPAA electronic data […]

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