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3D Camera Movement in Three.js – I Learned the Hard Way So You Don’t Have To

Recently, I faced a situation where I needed to create a navigable 3D house within a website. In this house, a user would be able to look around a room by clicking and dragging their point of view, similar to street view on Google Maps. Additionally, there would be clickable hotspots that would allow the […]

XBox One

What’s ahead for the Xbox One?

Microsoft has always marketed the Xbox One as a gaming machine that can enhance your living room.  This has played out very well for the Xbox One but recently has faltered in the light of the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) being a more powerful machine.   This has given customers the idea that the Xbox […]

WebGL and Internet Explorer

3D web environments are still in their infancy.  In fact the HTML 5 canvas element does not have a 3d context and the most popular way to run 3D graphics in a web browser, WebGL, is not yet considered a web standard.  WebGL is still very new. It originated as an HTML Canvas 3D extension […]