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12 Days of DevOps: 9 Demanding Customers

“On the ninth day of Christmas my IT guy gave to me, 9 demanding customers” Last week, I found myself at the grocery store staring at the choices of cereal laid before me. Among the choices included brands that promised high fiber, more fruit, less sugar, and health benefits confirmed by nutrition professionals. While I […]

12 Days of DevOps: 8 Productive Team Members

“On the eighth day of Christmas, my IT guy gave to me, 8 productive team members” The upheaval of technology has drastically transformed the way people work. For younger generations such as millennials, this has introduced concepts such as social networking and always-on communications into the workplace. While the methodologies have frustrated older colleagues, they […]

12 Days of DevOps: 7 Microservices

“On the seventh day of Christmas my IT guy gave to me, 7 Microservices” We’re often engrossed by the phrase “go big or go home”, a declaration that if we don’t set it all on the line, that it’s often not worth trying at all. While the concept definitely applied to large software projects in […]

12 Days of DevOps: 5 Cloud-Native Instances

“On the fifth day of Christmas, my IT guy gave to me, 5 cloud-native instances” Though technology has always driven flexibility, its development has been another story. Bogged down by a variety of platforms, developers have always sought ways to accelerate creation, quality assurance, and deployment. We understand these challenges and sought to support the […]

12 Days of DevOps: 3 Software Containers

“On the third day of Christmas, my IT guy gave to me, 3 software containers” As software becomes bigger, the need to increase reliability and mobility become more and more important. Recent innovations have seen the rise of containers, which can be described as an encapsulation of discrete components of application logic provisioned with minimal […]

12 Days of DevOps: 2 Happy Accountants

“On the second day of Christmas, my IT guy gave to me, two happy accountants” On the most important day of my undergraduate business career in college, my professor reminded me why businesses get into business: To create a profit. Though this simple philosophy wouldn’t realize itself to me until several years later, my understanding […]

12 Days of DevOps: Continuous Innovation and Sanity

One of my most favorite traditions of Christmas is the singing of carols. Nothing brings out the joy of the season like music that inspires happiness, giving, and gratitude for the year that has been. My favorite song during the season is the “12 Days of Christmas” because of it’s fun approach to the holiday. […]