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Einstein: Artificial Intelligence for the Salesforce Platform

  When you think of Einstein, what comes to mind? Perhaps the German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity or possibly a chain retailer of moderately priced coffee and bagels? If you use Salesforce, the term “Einstein” means a totally different thing: artificial intelligence (AI) for CRM. Einstein has made AI a reality […]

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Learning To Use Salesforce: A Beginner’s Guide

Top Resources For Learning Salesforce Just getting acquainted with Salesforce? With all of the capabilities and customized solutions, getting started can feel daunting. The good news is, you’re not alone. Perficient has worked with hundreds of businesses creating expert Salesforce users in the process.  With all of the resources, where do you go first? Don’t get […]

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Leverage Salesforce Ideas in Your Community

One of the greatest features you can offer your customer or partner base as a product-driven company is an idea engine. It allows those who use your product regularly to offer suggestions on how to improve it, features to add, or what new products to create. Giving the power to your customers to help make […]

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10 Change Management Tips for CRM Success

Focus On the People Not Just the System When implementing a new system such as Salesforce, regardless of an organization’s project management methodology (waterfall, agile or a hybrid), the approach is usually taken with the “lets get it done, can do” attitude. While this approach is helpful in completing the project on time and on […]

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When to Use Process Builder or Apex Triggers to Automate

Salesforce offers multiple tools to automate your company’s business processes. Oftentimes we run into confusion deciding whether to choose Process Builder or Apex triggers when both are capable of doing some of the same functions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of using Process Builder compared to Apex trigger. […]

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The Keys to Successful Salesforce Development Projects

While we’re obviously partial to the skills of our Salesforce Developers (the technicians responsible for coding work on our projects), there’s more to it than simply hiring the “best of the best” in the industry, when it comes to achieving development success on our client engagements.  While the end goal is ultimately to increase customer […]

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Connecting the Dots with AI and Salesforce

Why Artificial Intelligence Matters AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a buzzword these days. People like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk say that an advanced artificial intelligence will lead to the end of humanity, but the march continues for ever more advanced algorithms seemingly in spite of the warnings. Salesforce has even jumped into the fray […]

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3 Data Management Best Practices for Salesforce Administrators

The platform is remarkable in its ability to scale as your business grows, but all systems have constraints.  Even if you don’t think you are ever going to run into some of those limits, designing and managing your data with some of those ideas in mind will help you, and make the whole platform […]

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What Mobile Salesforce Solution is Right for You?

Take a quick trip down memory lane with me…the year is 2007 and you’re at your desk. You’re using your desktop computer to surf websites that were built with HTML tables and Flash, the user experience clunky and the styles an abomination in today’s standards. Your cell phone beside you; you don’t think twice about using it for anything […]

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8 Questions to Ask for Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migrations

From our experience in helping clients migrate from Salesforce Classic (Aloha experience) to Salesforce Lightning Experience, we have found that the change can require significant business process evaluation and adjustments to user workflows. It is not just a change in the way Salesforce looks, but also a core change in the way users interact with […]

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