Perficient Digital Named a Top Digital Experience Provider

In a recent report, Forrester named Perficient Digital one of the “57 biggest and most important digital experience service providers.” The report,¬†Vendor Landscape: Digital Experience Service Providers, 2017, aims to help companies navigate the market of digital agencies and consultancies, by focusing on the top players.

Nine of 10 companies turn to digital agencies, consultancies, and technology implementers to design, build, and manage their digital customer experiences. But with hundreds of diverse providers, it can be hard to find the right one. Forrester analyzed and built this knowledge base to help digital business leaders make the best choice.

To further help companies make the importance decision of choosing a vendor, Forrester recommends these four steps when conducting the selection process:

  1. Involve all the key stakeholders
    Digital experience spans various departments throughout your company. Make sure key people are involved, especially if digital experience expenses hit their budget.
  2. Focus on face time, and not a lengthy RFP
    Instead of focusing on a large document, use a request for information and a site visit to see if your potential partner can put a creative and technical face on its skill sets.
  3. Consider culture
    It’s important to get a feel for a partner’s company culture to gauge how successfully their team will collaborate with yours. Consider a “mini-project” to quickly see if you have a fit.
  4. Measure outcomes
    Use three metrics to access the success of the engagement: customer outcomes to measure impact, business outcomes to measure contribution and relationship metrics to assess fit. This will create confidence that your provider is ready to be a strategic partner.

With hundreds of digital experience partners to choose from, it can be a struggle to find the right one. By forming a short list and stepping through this process, you can be confident that you’re on your way to establishing a successful, long-term relationship.


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