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Your Browser is Your New Computer: Google Chrome – the New OS?

Google Chrome Notebook Order. Yours. Now? Due out on June 15th, 2011. What it is: It is a notebook that is essentially a mobile device – uses 3G, mobile data networks, wi-fi It only has the google Chrome browser installed 8 second bootup Cloud-based data storage and syncing – log in from anywhere – your […]

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Plain Language and User Experience

Recently I attended Ginny Redish’s Plain language, Web Sites, Documents, and UX: You can do all that!, event hosted by the Usability Professional Association (UPA), DC Chapter. As usual, when I attend dc events like IXDA and other miscellaneous UX meetups, I am usually the anomaly visual designer in the room. The thing that I enjoyed […]

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#IdeaNotebook: May is National Inventors’ Month

May is National Inventors’ Month. Established in 1998, this celebration of inventors and their contributions to the world had been celebrated in August until this year. The sponsors of the event – Inventors Digest, the Academy of Applied Science, and the United Inventors Association of the USA – decided that May would better coincide with the National Inventors Hall of […]

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Payments using your Smartphone

If there were not enough “ah-ha” type of technologies pushing the sales of smartphones, one that has not received much love was Near Field Communications.  NFC is a technology for data exchange between compatible devices at close range, about 1.5 inches is the maximum distance. Approved as a standard in 2003, it has stood in […]

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John Frieda® Product Advisor Tool Receives Top Webby Honor

*Enlighten was acquired by Perficient Digital in December 2015* The results of the 15th Annual Webby Awards contained its usual list of nominees, but also something else: a distinction for the top 10% of all entries in the prestigious international competition. And when the judges assessed the almost 10,000 entries they received in this year’s […]

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Laptop with eye filling entire screen

A conversation about privacy, security, and UX

Last week, I followed, nearly real time via Twitter, how Sean Power successfully recovered his stolen laptop. The full story is available, but here are a few excerpted tweets from @SeanPower on 13 May 2011: If you’re getting up to speed: Laptop was taken 4 days ago, but I had to fly to Canada the […]

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Yelp Reviews Wall Art

Integrating the real world with mobile: Yelp art

The explosion of smartphone ownership over the past few years has brought with it all manner of software designed to tie mobile devices with a person’s experiences in the real world. I’ve got friends developing some pretty exciting location-based game apps and I’m sure these will get richer and more immersive as more people move […]

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#IdeaNotebook: The best thing before sliced bread

Sliced bread is the innovation by which all innovations are measured:  “the best thing since sliced bread.” That phrase spawns the question: “What was the best thing before sliced bread?” Attempts to answer that question range from humorous to contemplative. I recently discovered another possible answer: User research! “Slice of Life” in the April 2011 […]

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The Role of Unmoderated Usability Testing

Unmoderated Usability Testing is becoming a very popular tool in the User Experience profession. It allows for design teams to gather feedback from a large pool of people early and often, especially during times where the design team simply doesn’t have direct access to their user base. Yes, there are downsides to doing Unmoderated Testing […]

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Progressive Enhancement and Effective Browser Support

I always enjoy Paul Boag’s posts on Boagworld when I get a chance to read them. His most recent post, Where are My Rounded Corners?, includes a great downloadable factsheet that helps explain how static design comps play out in various browsers. Here’s an excerpt: “One of the biggest areas of confusion among our clients […]

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