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Setting Up Around Me Feature in Mobile App

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile Application has a nice feature in which you can select the Accounts, Opportunities and contacts that are located near your Location. Here are the quick steps to configure the Around Me Feature on your Mobile App: 1.Enable Geo-coding. Login to the Application and Navigate to set up and maintenance. Search for […]

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Mobile First is Imperative for Healthcare Provider Intranets

Employees are using mobile devices more than ever before and are likely accessing important information from intranets via tablets and smart phones. This creates a number of challenges when intranets have been designed for optimal use with desktops resulting in a poor user experience and low adoption for employees accessing intranets via mobile devices. Mobile […]

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New Oracle CX Sales Cloud Mobile App – Features and Tips

The Oracle CX Sales Cloud application has an all new mobile app that is now two months old and as with all new releases we are still learning some of the new functionality and development features now available to developers and users. In this post we will review three tips that we think will help […]

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Using Contextual Signals With Mobile Users

              Mobile is an interesting beast. Users have a different experience for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that you interact with mobile almost anywhere and definitely outside your home or work. Obviously that sets up a lot of opportunity if you can […]

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Optimizing Online Forms for the Mobile Experience

While the tips in my previous blog posts about forms (part 1 and part 2) are still relevant, there is finally new data to support using a multi-step process on mobile devices. This is related to the design pattern known as “One Thing Per Page.” (Essentially, it means splitting up a complex process into smaller pieces.) There […]

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FDA Guidance On 21 CFR Part 11 And Mobile Tech In Clinical Trials

In June 2017, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance document for public comment: Use of Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures in Clinical Investigations Under 21 CFR Part 11 – Questions and Answers. You have until August 21, 2017, to share your thoughts and ideas about its content. The […]

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Mobile Automation Test Tool Selection & Framework Library Design

In the last blog (Mobile Automation Test Framework Introduction and Design) we discussed some basic knowledge about automation framework and how to set up a proper automated testing framework. In this article, I will introduce how to select a suitable automation tool and how to design the framework library. First, we need to define some […]

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Mobile Automation Test Framework Introduction and Design

Mobile devices are becoming more important than ever in our society. The demand for automated testing on mobile APPs is becoming significantly greater than before. This blog will discuss how to set up a mobile automated testing framework that is easy to create test scripts and maintain upon requirement change. First, this blog will introduce […]

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Mobile Compatibility Testing: When and How

Challenge: With more and more popular smartphones and multiple mobile network operators, many more smartphones with different demands, brands and producers have been published. How to make your application work as desired on these various mobile devices will be a big challenge. Mobile compatibility testing is indispensable. Meanwhile, with budget control and a tight timeline, […]

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Visual Studio Mobile Center Changes Announced at Microsoft Build

This week at the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle, the company announced major enhancements to Visual Studio Mobile Center, including support for Universal Windows Platform. Visual Studio Mobile Center is a cloud-based service that lets developers manage the mobile application lifecycle regardless of the platform. Using a tool such as Mobile Center speeds up the […]

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3 Ways to Master Mobile Apps with DevOps

Smartphones became a part of our collective consciousness a decade ago with the launch of Apple’s iPhone and the impact of the device continues transform entire industries. We now shop for homes, find our next date, and discover the newest restaurant around the corner right from our fingertips. The application market is also a noisy […]

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Mobile Testing on Cloud with Appium Using AWS Device Farm

With Amazon’s Device Farm technology, you can now easily upload your app and choose an Android or an iOS device to test your app. You will get screenshots, videos of the tests that were run and most importantly, the real-time reports of the tests that were completed. It is as simple as uploading a file […]

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Mobile Payment Technology [Trend To Watch]

A report published by Ipsos MORI, a market research company, and VocaLink, a global payments partner to financial institutions and governments, indicates that European millennials are struggling to adopt mobile payment technology. While more than half of the approximately 4,000 millennials from Germany, Italy, the U.K., and the Netherlands who took part in the study […]

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What Mobile Salesforce Solution is Right for You?

Take a quick trip down memory lane with me…the year is 2007 and you’re at your desk. You’re using your desktop computer to surf websites that were built with HTML tables and Flash, the user experience clunky and the styles an abomination in today’s standards. Your cell phone beside you; you don’t think twice about using it for anything […]

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Mobile Page Load Is Important

We all spend a lot of time on the big things like creating the correct strategy, investing in innovation, and orienting our culture.  Even as you focus on those, you can’t lose track of the small stuff. Let me give you an example.  I’ve had two separate clients in 2017 tell me that when they […]

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Develop Your Next Mobile Application with AWS

According to Pew Research, nearly three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone, double from just six years ago. Among the younger 18-to-29 demographic, nearly nine in ten own a smartphone, signifying its ubiquity. No matter the age group, smartphones have become a key communication device, used for everything from capturing life’s most important moments to […]

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How to Configure Appium Grid for Mobile Automation Testing

Mobile devices are getting more important than ever in our society. A large amount of Android and IOS applications are developed to make our lives convenient in every possible way. Most mobile apps are usually running on the devices with various models and different platforms. The automated testing for these apps therefore shall be conducted […]

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2017 Trends: Mobile Demand Creates Connectivity Challenges

We will continue to explore the top 5 healthcare provider trends for 2017. My previous posts in this blog series highlighted our first two trends: Handing the Patient Portal Reins to the Patient and Connecting the Patient to Connected Health. In our third trend we will look at how the increased demand for mobile will […]

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Mobile Devices Behavior: Slack Me – I am Over Email!

It’s that time of the year again to reflect on how we did on last year’s New Year’s resolutions. One of my goals last year was to keep up on my email and maintain a clean inbox. I tried several methods to keep my new found motivation, such as only checking and responding to emails […]

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2017 DT Trend: Mobile Will Just Become Customer Experience

We rely more on anecdotal evidence for this but it’s definitely a trend.  While B2C organizations continue to highlight the importance of consumer-based mobile we see that the hype cycle has begun to level out.  Mobile is important.  No one argues that.  Omnichannel is important. No one argues that either.  However, more companies now realize […]

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