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Gartner ITxpo: Create Actionable Intelligence

As a partner of ours, MicroStrategy brings some very interesting capabilities which we think adds flexibility and agility. Along with thyssenkrupp Elevator, they showed that off in a session on Creating Actionable Intelligence here at the Gartner IT Expo. thyssenkrupp builds elevators throughout the world across many countries and regions. This brings many challenges in […]

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Gartner ITxpo: Augmented Analytics

Our MicroStrategy and BI Expert Jim Butz spoke at the Gartner IT Expo today on the power of augmented analytics. In short, he pushed that data and insights only matter if you can easily access them and if you have the ability to act on the insight. To that end, your business intelligence (BI) tools must […]

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Augmented Analytics with MicroStrategy at #GartnerSYM 2018

Business intelligence (BI) helps organizations transform their data into actionable intelligence and make smarter business decisions. But according to one Gartner survey, only about 30 percent of employees are using analytics. So how can enterprises increase adoption? Augmented analytics may be the answer. What is Augmented Analytics? The volume, variety and veracity of big data […]

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Custom Data Connector for Power BI Using MicroStrategy

The MicroStrategy platform allows custom data connectors to access data from nearly any source, which includes Microsoft Power BI. In order to bring the best of both worlds together, Perficient’s MicroStrategy experts have developed a custom data connector to help Power BI users do just that. This custom connector integrates the two products and provides […]

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Leverage MicroStrategy SDK with Web Data Connector for Tableau

Both Tableau and MicroStrategy are great for analytics. And when you combine MicroStrategy’s security, governance and scalability with Tableau’s ease of use and self-service you get the best of both worlds. A customized web data connector allows Tableau users to do just that. Perficient’s MicroStrategy experts have created a plug-in for Tableau users that provides access […]

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Mobile Sales Enablement with MicroStrategy

Sales enablement. It’s the process of providing your sales team with the tools they need to successfully engage with the buyer and sell more effectively. But the value in sales enablement tools seems to get lost when sellers have multiple data sources at their disposal and none of them work cohesively. This is the challenge […]

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Augmented Reality for Instant Access to KPIs

The capabilities of augmented reality (AR) are reaching beyond the entertainment sphere and into the hands of store managers. The combination of leading image recognition software and MicroStrategy’s business intelligence (BI) platform is allowing organizations to put BI into the hands of employees and improve store performance with AR analytics. Delivering analytics via proprietary web, mobile […]

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Hit Your Stride on the Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise

We are partnering with MicroStrategy for a free, one-day symposium Monday, July 23 at the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis, Missouri. The symposium will highlight the latest insights on big data, mobile app development, dashboard design, and security. This event is a great way to: Familiarize yourself with MicroStrategy’s innovative analytics and mobility solutions Network with our […]

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MicroStrategy’s AR App for Avon’s Customer Case

Avon, a leading beauty company, presented a customer case to our MicroStrategy partner to find a more efficient way to identify product performance in their stores. MicroStrategy, with support from our experts, took this challenge and produced an augmented reality application using the platform and augmented reality APIs. The result? An application that can display […]

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Perficient Expands Analytics Expertise with Southport Acquisition

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Southport Services Group, an award-winning MicroStrategy consulting firm specializing in the development, implementation, integration and support of analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing solutions. Southport deepens Perficient’s analytics expertise and enables us to provide more powerful data-driven digital transformation solutions for our customers. Additionally, this acquisition increases Perficient’s […]

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The Three Best Things About MicroStrategy 10.6

The three best things about MicroStrategy 10.6 If you’re like me, you nerd out a little bit when any software upgrade comes out. The list of enhancements can make me think “Wow, what an amazing innovation! I can’t wait to tell my friends” or, on the flip side, “FINALLY! They fixed the problem, it’s about […]

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What’s New in MicroStrategy 10.3

As experts in MicroStrategy, it’s our goal to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources that you need to maximize the value of your MicroStrategy investment. On March 15, MicroStrategy officially announced the General Availability (GA) of MicroStrategy 10.3. This is the third version of MicroStrategy 10 to be released under MicroStratgy’s new “90 day cadence […]

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Optimize Performance, Drive End-user Adoption and Reduce Your Support Costs Using MicroStrategy 10 Operations Manager

One of the many benefits of MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise is the new Operations Manager console, which provides administrators with a single web-based interface from which they can manage and monitor all of their MicroStrategy systems. Many of the features of Operations Manager are the result of the millions of dollars invested by MicroStrategy in […]

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Why You Should be Excited About the Launch of MicroStrategy 10

I’ve been working with MicroStrategy software for nearly twenty years. I was first introduced to MicroStrategy’s DSS Agent around 1996, back when MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor could be seen pulling into the MicroStrategy parking lot in his early model Lexus with his personalized license plates that read “DSS Web.” I’ve seen a lot of change […]

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New In-Memory Architecture in MicroStrategy 10 Enables Speed-of-Thought Report Performance

In today’s world, users expect their reporting applications to provide near instantaneous response times despite the fact that today’s analytic applications consist of dashboards containing dozens of visualizations built on top of exploding data volumes. MicroStrategy has made significant changes to its in-memory architecture as part of their version 10 release to address the new […]

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Best Practices for Integrating MicroStrategy with SAP BW

In our previous article, “8 Things to Know when Considering Integrating MicroStrategy with SAP BW,” we highlighted the key points behind the MicroStrategy / SAP BW integration. In this article, we expand on that topic and share implementation best practices for those companies who have made the decision to make the MicroStrategy / SAP BW […]

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8 Things to Know When Considering Integrating MicroStrategy with SAP BW

Are you considering using MicroStrategy to report directly against data in SAP BW? Are you finding it difficult to get straight answers to simple questions about how the integration works? Our experts have put together the following eight facts to help you better understand what is possible and how the integration works. 1. MicroStrategy connects […]

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