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Office for iPad

Finally, Microsoft has delivered an Office App for iPad! You can get it today in the App Store. This is a HUGE announcement. Over a billion people on the planet use Microsoft Office to get more done at work and at home. Whether you’re creating an Excel spreadsheet on your tablet, authoring a Word document […]

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Got Apps? SkyDrive Pro Now Available on iOS, WinPhone

Good news this morning for those using SharePoint 2013 and SkyDrive Pro for business collaboration and content storage / backup. Microsoft announced the news today (okay, technically yesterday) over on the Office 365 blog: We are pleased to announce that the SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8 and iOS are now available in the Windows […]

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SharePoint Social on Your iPad!

The SharePoint 2013 Social Newsfeed is now available in Apple’s App Store. That’s right– you can access the social side of your SharePoint intranet on an iPad in a slick, easy-to-use way.  (Please excuse my low-resolution screen shots– there’s much better examples on the official iTunes page.) From a UI perspective, there is a lot […]

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Microsoft BI on an iPad?!

PerformancePoint, Reporting, and Excel Services on an iPad… it can’t be.  It is a fact.  What? You don’t believe me check out this link and see for yourself.  This feature was included in the December 2011 SharePoint 2010 CU.  However, I have some bad news if you have recently updated to iOS 6. The tap and hold […]

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Dynamics CRM Cross-browser Support…It is getting exciting.

Last month I told you about the features Microsoft Dynamics CRM is rolling out as part of the “CRM Q2 2012 Service Update” which will include massive improvements and capabilities around mobility and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  As most of you have heard by now, Microsoft has just announced its newest mobility device the “Surface”, which […]

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Lync, SharePoint, OneNote, NewsGator & more on the iPad

Rich Wood and I recently chatted about how Rich is able to use Microsoft technologies on his iPad.  In this video Rich shares how he uses Lync, SharePoint, NewsGator Social Sites, One Note, Bing and more on his iPad to allow him to use it as more than just a consumer or entertainment device.

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Take Your SharePoint With You: NewsGator Social Sites on the iPad

So you’re using NewsGator Social Sites on your SharePoint intranet and you want to stay connected when you’re on the go?  Check out my new video blog on using the iPad app for NewsGator Social Sites.  As NewsGator’s inaugural Partner of the Year (2011), we just might know a little something about this. Oh, and […]

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SharePoint 2010 and iPad support

There was an interesting update to technet recently describing how iPad support has been improved in  SharePoint 2010 for viewing reports and scorecards. This is one of the first articles i’ve seen from microsoft that mentions the iPad specifically and could indicate further improvements in the future. We have seen more and more customers looking […]

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Enable one-finger-scrolling in SP2010 for iPad and iPhone

You want your iPad users to be able to scroll your SharePoint 2010 site with one finger. It can be done with the two finger swipe but it doesn’t work as well and visitors may not know that. The solution involves using CSS to disable the – ribbon positioning system – so that the ribbon […]

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