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Troubleshooting Search in SharePoint Online (O365)

SharePoint makes great use of its Search engine and it is pervasive throughout most SharePoint solutions today. Whether you are building Content Search WebParts leveraging Display Templates or creating a custom Search center you will be making use of SharePoint’s powerful and mature Search engine. However, what happens when things behave unexpectedly? How can you […]

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FAST for SharePoint 2010 Non-Admin node configuration

I spent considerable time last week trying to build 2-node FAST for SharePoint 2010 implementation. Creating the setup.xml file and building the admin FAST node was the easy part, but trying to connect the non-admin node is what took up most of my time. (The default FAST installation creates 3 example files under C:FASTSearchetc directory, […]

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Map a Crawled Property to Managed Properties (FS4SP – PowerShell)

  What we are doing: 1.) Create a Managed Property from a Crawled Property Managed Properties are great! FAST pulls and indexes Managed Properties for multitudes of things, including boosting and search scopes. They are core to your FAST User Experience and an essential part to configuration When a FAST crawl runs, it will pick […]

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Creating User Contexts, Customizing User Context Properties, and Site Promotions from PowerShell (FAST for SharePoint)

PowerShell is a powerful tool when combined with FAST. When dealing with a large site collection with multitudes of taxonomies and sites underneath it, promoting sites and keeping user contexts from environment to environment can be a long and taxing job, especially when you are working with the SharePoint/FAST UI. Luckily, this is where PowerShell […]

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Start a SharePoint 2010 / FS4SP Crawl Remotely

With SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search For SharePoint 2010 (FS4SP), it’s easy to schedule crawls to run daily, hourly, or according to any other frequency. For most scenarios, scheduled crawls work perfectly.   Sometimes it makes more sense to kick off a crawl based on an event. For example, perhaps your organization runs an Extract/Transform/Load […]

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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

SharePoint Search provides excellent search capabilities and features that many organizations can leverage with minimal customizations and configurations.Plus, with the addition of FAST for SharePoint and its big brother FAST Search for Internet Servers (FSIS), Microsoft has a deep search offerings to solve countless search opportunities. However, even with features such as metadata-based results refinement […]

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A couple of FAST for SharePoint Tidbits

This is a short post about two FAST for SharePoint topics that I have had trouble finding information about on the Web. I hope this post helps others who run into either of these issues. The first topic is people search. It is well known that SharePoint continues to handle people search even when a […]

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