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How Fast Will AI Take Over Our Technology Focus?

Artificial Intelligence Computers can process information much faster than we can. But computers lack certain human attributes like reasoning and perception. These “general intelligence” traits are being studied and computer science geeks are working on translating these traits into computer algorithms. Goal setting is the main focus and research is being conducted on these complex […]

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Azure ARM NSGs and Windows Firewall Issues

There is something to be said about old infrastructure guys making the transition to cloud computing. Namely, troubleshooting experience. Background I was asked to assist with a project for the Azure QuickStart templates on GitHub. The goal was to provide a template that shows the power of Cloudera Hadoop and Tableau dashboards. I was asked […]

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Nested Virtualization on Azure VM

Microsoft announced nested virtualization support with the Dv3 and Ev3 series of Azure VMs. Wow! So, what does this mean and what are some use cases? Well, think about moving workloads to Azure from your on premise data center. You may have a Hyper-V host with an environment all ready to go. We want to […]

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