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Interested in a Sitecore Family-Friendly Event at Symposium?

As winter is coming in Canada and there will be family fun in the snow, we have been brainstorming on the Sitecore Family-Friendly Conference and had some interest however not enough yet for a full conference. After looking a bit harder we realized that it is hard to do 2 conferences in a year and since […]

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SUGQuebec’s first event on Sitecore 8.2 and 8.3

On Tuesday October 11, 2016 an amazing event is happening in Quebec.  The very first of many Sitecore User Groups will take place in Quebec.  The discussion will be on Sitecore 8.2 and 8.3 and I hear there will be sampling of the Canadian Salad or Poutine (This last part has not been confirmed). I […]

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Demand More – My Learnings from Sitecore Symposium 2016

The conference was a whirlwind of knowledge so much that there is no way to tell you all that I learned.  I will focus on 2 key messages I got from the sessions I attended, the keynotes and from talking to people at the events. Demand More The next Billionaire will be the one who […]

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Sitecore Chris’ Symposium Journal – Day 3

As the sun rises on the final day of the conference, we awake knowing everyone will fly out and we will miss all our friends from around the world.  As Michael said after the Mardi Gras band played, the moment is gone either you cherished that moment or you missed it. My wish for everyone […]

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Sitecore Chris’ Symposium Journal – Day 2

Lots of fun at the NishTech Event last night then back to the hotel bar for drinks and interesting conversations on Helix, Habitat and Ignition.   At the bar, Mike Reynolds asks what I wanted and @Sitecorey and I said Chocolate Milk. Mike rolled his eyes, this is a bar they don’t server that.  I […]

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Sitecore Chris’ Symposium Journal – Day 1

First day of Symposium, good to see everyone last night. Picked up the jacket and bag of goodies.  Seminars and training is happening today. Powershell, Helix, xDB oh my.  Had Starbucks this morning with my daughter she was excited as she got to meet Chris Castle. Went to the art and warehouse district to see […]

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Sitecore Chris’ MVP Summit Day 2

We are onto day 2 and after an amazing day yesterday I am excited about what today holds.  I will keep you posted on the excitement as it unfolds and I am able to share. While you are waiting check out Countdown to Ignition Day 5 – Ignition and other tools At 8:00 am, the […]

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[C2I] Countdown to Ignition Day 5 – Ignition and other Tools

When you were growing up you probably remember different kids around the playground and how they interacted with others.  They all had different personalities.  Some seemed to get along with everyone and others fit into their cliques but not with others.  Sitecore Ignition was built with the goal to play well with others.  We save […]

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Sitecore Chris’ MVP Summit Day 1

Star Date 2016-09-12 – 1:00 pm Ok so there was a lot of info in the first presentation but I cannot share it with you. If you are on Sitecore Slack and an MVP check out the channel for details. It is well worth it.  Tonight it we head to the boat and there will […]

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Sitecore Chris’ MVP Summit Journal – The night before

Star Date: 2016-09-11 – Late in the evening Everyone is arriving slowly. There were thunderstorms so some had to wait to land. Just read Countdown to Ignition – Day 3 – Why it matters to us non-dev while I waited. If you are a non-dev you should read this to learn more about ignition. I ran […]

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