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SharePoint as a Social Business Platform (Infographic)

While doing some research I came across this great infographic from the Dachis Group.  While reviewing the infographic I couldn’t help but think of it in the context of SharePoint as an enterprise social business platform. As I explored in my SharePoint Adoption & Use post, data from the infographics shared there suggested that 78% of Fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint. Taking this a little further, this could suggest that 78% of companies already own a social business ready platform, although they may not be running a version that can truly support social business, or may not be taking advantage of SharePoint’s capabilities as a social business platform solution.

My key takeaways from Dachis Group’s infographic as I related it to SharePoint

1. Social Business is a marathon not a sprint – driving adoption and collaboration will take time and effort. Using a true social business platform will drive greater collaboration, knowledge, connectivity and  ultimately organizational cultural shifts.

2. A key attribute of using a social business platform is the shift from ‘Me to We’, the formation of collaborative teams, real-time creativity, crowd-sourcing and a sense of team spirit, regardless of where participants physically sit.

3. Driving user adoption and enabling collaboration is key to using a social business platform successfully (if you need help figuring out how, there are White Papers on SharePoint Collaboration and Adoption linked)

My colleague Rich Wood will be exploring SharePoint 2013 and the Social Landscape in a webinar on Tuesday, 9/19 at 1pm CST. I’m looking forward to hearing Rich’s take on how SharePoint 2013 can be used as a social business platform, native v 3rd party add-on solutions used in prior versions of SharePoint, and how Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer may change the social business landscape.  What do you think?

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