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Transitioning to Supply Chain 4.0

In our previous blog, we provided a macro overview of the guide-to-blog series, Taking the Next Step Towards Supply Chain 4.0. In this blog, we’ll discuss the actual transition process and pinpoint concerns that will likely manifest along the way in the supply chain 4.0 journey. Industry 4.0 Overview Any introduction to supply chain 4.0 […]

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[Guide] Overview: Taking the Next Step Towards Supply Chain 4.0

In the last thirty years, the logistics space has undergone massive changes. This is largely due to the industry shifting and embracing technology advancements with companies vying to remain competitive in the marketplace. The emergence of robotics and advanced analytics has enabled the supply chain sector to become more efficient and accurate. Solutions such as […]

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Management Consulting Solutions I Learned from Coaches: Engaging

This blog series covers three management consulting solutions I learned from coaches in my life. I apply these solutions to my work life in management consulting. This blog explores engagement, and how to inspire your team. When we moved to Colorado from the East Coast eleven years ago, we won the coaching jackpot! My oldest […]

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3 Management Consulting Solutions I Learned from Coaches

With many years of experience being coached and observing all types of youth, high school and college coaches, I identified some key points that I apply to my work life in management consulting. Sports are a big part of my life, and the lives of my kids. I was a swimmer and a water polo […]

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Potential Impacts Beyond Cloud Applications & Infrastructure

This is the next installment in a series of blogs on the subject of Cloud Transformation. When an organization transitions to cloud technology, it will often change the way that organization thinks about IT solutions. Cloud technology allows an organization to operate in more of an experimental/disposable way. This freedom allows an organization to “try […]

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A Millennial’s Take on Change: Why is it So Hard?

The biggest obstacle an organization will face today is… change. Why is that so hard to believe? Having already experienced two acquisitions as a professional, I can safely conclude that learning to be nimble and flexible in an ever-changing environment is and will be an ongoing topic of conversation for generations to come. I would […]

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Capturing Key Insights to Define Strategic Priorities

This is part 1 of a 5 part blog series on effectively defining an operating model for your organization. In this post, we will explore Step 1:  Defining the Strategic Priorities Strategic planning is often done in the C-Suite. However, it is important for functional leaders to develop a strategic plan and an operating model […]

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Stay Connected with Perficient’s Salesforce Experts and News

Perficient is the preferred partner for brands thinking about implementing Salesforce for several reasons. We have an incredible wealth of knowledge, a passionately dedicated team, and the history and experience needed to be the true enterprise innovation leader. But keeping up with all the awesome things we’re doing can be hard! To make it easy, […]

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Risks never sleep – Be a Risk Keeper

Nothing is too low for a bear A bear doesn’t probably love to chase and hunt their prey. They are fond of any sorts of flesh and easily pick you when you are asleep. Bears can be predators even though they don’t have many enemies. Although most do not, under normal circumstances, hunt and feed […]

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Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Bob Vanek

Thrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric. This belief is instrumental for our clients’ success. In 2018, we announced the first class of Chief Strategists, who provide vision and leadership to help our clients remain competitive. Get to know each of our strategists as they share their unique insights on […]

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The Business Case for Telematics

1. Do you manage a small or large fleet of vehicles that are critical to your business operation? 2. Do you have the necessary data to manage your fleets utilization, preventative maintenance, driver behaviors and route optimization? If you answered YES to question 1 and NO to question 2 you should consider a implementing a […]

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What is the one word that will define success in 2019?

We turned the page on another year and over the next few weeks, organizations and individuals everywhere will be communicating their strategic priorities, goals, and objectives for 2019. This year, I would like to challenge you to identify the one word that describes the success you desire for 2019.  Then, ensure that your strategic goals […]

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Cloud Technology Has Changed the Game

I have just returned from the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit 2018. This was one of those conferences where it turns out to be something different than what you expected. The agenda was a solid blend of educational sessions, networking opportunities and meaningful keynotes. Like many conferences, the real value comes from hearing from […]

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Steep Learning Curves: The Opportunity to Grow in Business

Being a paramedic during the formative years of my working life, I’ve been surprised at how many of the lessons that I learned on the job have translated to the business world. As I look back at my career and how I got where I am today, there is a consistent theme – learning. Way […]

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So Many Hours: The Effect of Overworking in the Business World

Being a paramedic during the formative years of my working life, I’ve been surprised at how many of the lessons that I learned on the job have translated to the business world. When I worked on the ambulance, 24 hour shifts were the most common. A standard rotation on our “modified Kelly” shift averaged out […]

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Sometimes You Need to Manufacture Momentum

The past few months have been very busy in all aspects of my life and it has felt like one of those grind it out kind of periods. A major project was stalling, I hadn’t put out a blog in a while, and I wasn’t feeling great about my accomplishments. Work/life balance was ok, but […]

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Prevent the Negativity Associated with Epic (EHR) Upgrades

I just got back from the doctor whose office is in one of the leading hospitals in the United States. I was his first appointment of the day. “They just updated Epic this morning, and everyone is getting into the office trying to make sense of the changes,” the doctor said. I asked if he […]

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The Business World Wants You to Make a Decision

Being a paramedic during the formative years of my working life, I’ve been surprised at how many of the lessons that I learned on the job have translated to the business world. The world of medicine, especially EMS, is one of ambiguity, intuition, and making decisions based on incomplete and ambiguous information. In my own […]

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Check Your Ego: Adapting to the Business World

Being a paramedic during the formative years of my working life, I’ve been surprised at how many of the lessons that I learned on the job have translated to the business world. Working as a paramedic, it is easy for your ego to grow to an unhealthy size. The job is one in which you […]

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