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Perficient Colleagues Give Back

Every one of us has served others at some point in our lives. Whether you participated in a walk-a-thon, helped shovel a neighbor’s driveway, or even just held the door open for someone with mobility challenges, you have served.

It’s what humans do.

Perficient places a high value on serving others both within the working environment and outwardly in our communities. The realization of how many colleagues are dedicating their time and resources inspired us to put together The Philanthropy Issue of our magazine, Perficient Pulse.

Within the pages of this inspiring issue, you will see Perficient colleagues who are making a difference and demonstrating commitment and compassion in their communities. They mentor children, rescue animals, raise money and give selflessly to improve the lives of others.

“As impressive as the content here is, the fact that it represents just a fraction of what’s being done week in and week out is even more uplifting. And as I’ve mentioned before, whether it’s a dedication of dollars, time, or talent, each of these acts matter. On a relative basis, we’re all so very fortunate, and it’s clear to me through these stories Perficient colleagues realize that.”  – Jeff Davis, CEO and President

We hope you enjoy a glimpse into the charitable lives of our colleagues and the many different ways that Perficient gives back.

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