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Resource Tips for Trying Times: Rebuilding Post-COVID [Healthcare Series]

In this series, we’re looking at strategy considerations and recommendations for people like you in the healthcare industry who are facing the coronavirus pandemic head-on. TIP: Rebuilding in the aftermath – here’s what healthcare organizations will need to do COVID-19 has been the largest disruptor of the modern healthcare industry, and the situation only continues […]

Resource Tips for Trying Times: Breaking Down Silos [Healthcare Series]

We’re here to help inform and empower you as you help provide your expertise to healthcare consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.  TIP: How COVID-19 is breaking down silos – rapid response communication requires a true and deep partnership In the old world, marketing, IT, and clinical operations were three largely separate silos. But the rapid […]

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CX COVID-nnovation: the Good, the Questionable, and the Not-So-Good So Far

One and a half months into lockdown and most organizations are now through the initial scramble to assess, address, and run in the best way they are able. But some have gone beyond just getting to a run state and pushed innovation to address new and evolving customer experience expectations. But are all these “COVID-nnovations” […]

Enterprise Search

Who Benefits from Enterprise Search in Healthcare?

My last blog analyzed how to take the search experience to the next level. In my final blog of this series I outline who truly benefits from an enterprise search implementation. What if your members, patients, or prospective patients could get answers more quickly, and the most relevant results surfaced faster? What if you could […]

Resource Tips for Trying Times: Become Your Users’ Trusted Adviser [Healthcare Series]

We hope you, your organization, and your loved ones are doing well. This is the latest in a series of resources designed to give you specific, actionable steps to take in your communications strategies during the COVID-19 crisis.  TIP: What does it mean to be your users’ trusted COVID-19 adviser? Conflicting information from government sources, […]

Resource Tips for Trying Times: Demystify Virtual Care [Healthcare Series]

Our primary hope in this series is to better equip and empower healthcare professionals for their important work— helping deliver health and peace of mind to the public.  TIP: Take steps to fully communicate virtual care options Even before COVID-19 upended healthcare systems, virtual care was growing. The telemedicine market was expected to grow at […]

Resource Tips for Trying Times: Impactful Feedback [Healthcare Series]

We hope this message finds you well and that this newest tip better equips healthcare teams for the critical support currently being delivered to consumers.  TIP: Understand user needs right now – build a site survey feedback loop Consumers are looking to healthcare organizations to provide guidance and answer key questions during this pandemic. Organizations […]

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COVID-19: Share How Your Hospital is Keeping Healthcare Consumers Safe (Apr-16)

As with much of normal life, the novel coronavirus has disrupted regular operations for healthcare organizations nationwide. Now your organization is likely limiting, postponing, or canceling services that don’t have to do with COVID-19. Not everyone can simply stay away from the hospital or the doctor’s office. Even in the time of pandemics and social […]

Resource Tips for Trying Times: Reach Diverse Audiences [Healthcare Series]

We hope you, your family and coworkers are well. This blog is second in a series of tips aimed to strengthen healthcare organizations in practical ways right now. TIP: Communicate to non-English-speaking audiences “We’re all in this together.” That statement has become a standard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, yet some populations in the U.S. aren’t […]

Laptop And Mobile

Patient Portal + PillPack Integration Uplifts Medication Adherence, Payor-Member Relationships

It’s well known that patients’ day-to-day behavior greatly impacts their health outcomes. Yet one of the most common, impactful interventions for better health – the consistent use of prescribed medications – is met with striking shortfalls. Progressive health insurance organizations recognize this gap coupled with member expectations for digital connectedness: interactions that simplify day-to-day tasks, […]

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COVID-19 Care with Salesforce & Perficient: No-Cost Response Solution for Healthcare

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare systems are struggling with limited ways to direct patients to trusted (and often rapidly evolving) information. Stressed systems. Up to 20x the normal call volume. Gathering and analyzing massive amounts of data quickly. The list of challenges goes on, but so do the resources and partners […]

Enterprise Search

Taking Your Enterprise Search Experience to the Next Level

Previously, I discussed the value of enterprise search for payors and providers. The next blog in the series analyzes how to take the enterprise search experience to the next level. Yes, it is still important to pay attention to all the excellent information available concerning user-interface (UI) design and best practices for consumer experience. Ease […]

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