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How to Create Customer Service in the Cognitive Cloud

Customer service is a default need for any organization that serves a wide base of customers. As customers ourselves, we expect issues to arise from time to time and will look for relevant phone numbers and emails to contact to achieve problem resolution.

When deploying your own modern customer service program around your products, it’s important to remember what they want. What was tolerated a few years ago has now evolved, and includes features such as:

  • Personalized experiences
  • Connected experiences across multiple platforms and devices
  • Contextual conversation and resolution in a speedy manner
  • Self-resolution kiosks

Connecting to the Cloud

The ability to create a cognitive cloud customer care solution originates with Bluemix, the IBM hybrid cloud solution offering a variety of resources, connectors, and APIs enabling IT teams to reinvigorate and innovate upon new solutions. As IBM discovered in their work with a leading mobile carrier, harnessing digital strategies to create better customer experiences began with the adoption of hybrid cloud solutions. Coupled with the quantitative and qualitative nature of cloud applications, combining the two together was a perfect marriage of content and context.

Elevating the call center experience to the next level also includes Watson, IBM’s cognitive cloud solution. Using Watson’s capabilities in understanding natural language, hypothesis generation, and outcome evaluation, customer care and IT leaders can collaborate to map out how experiences are communicated and ultimately solved. In the end, organizations can see the following results:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved first-contact resolution
  • Decreased average handling time
  • Fewer tickets opened overall

Additionally, you can even use messaging bots to add further context and support where needed.

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As many industries migrate into the cloud and digital solutions with the effects of digital transformation, so will customer service, particularly with hybrid and cognitive cloud. Are you looking for customer care and service resolution solutions? With cloud usage being both flexible and affordable, this offers ample opportunity for change and transition. If your organization is customer-focused, reach out and have a conversation with us to see how we can help you.

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