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Health BI: The Movie

Portal technology has evolved to the point that sites are being built that give the user access to the tools they need to use every day, all day long.  This is done by defining roles and configuring the portal to display the tiles that support those roles based on the user’s credentials.  If the user wears many hats, the portal will display the tools for all of these jobs.

Furthermore, advances in healthcare analytics enable near real-time exposure to scorecards as well as thoughtful, in-depth drill-downs to determine cause and effect.  The creative marriage of portal technologies with business intelligence puts the power back in the hands of the physician, the nurse, and even the orderly.  It also gives far more insight to the administrators and chiefs.

This short demonstration shows how combing role-based configuration with business intelligence tools can enable your entire staff to be more effective, lower costs, and improve outcomes. The solution is called Health BI, and you can read more about it at


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