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The Enterprise Content Management Swiss Army Knife

More and more often I find people looking for the “Holy Grail” of enterprise content management. Too often, they try to integrate governance, user management and the cure for cancer in one product. Surprisingly, there are those out there who are offering all of this and more. Even more incredibly, there are CXO’s who believe […]

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Posts about ECM on our Portals blog

Because so many aspects of the various IT disciplines are interconnected, naturally many of our blog posts relate to more than one category, as does much of enterprise content, which makes it so challenging to manage! In case you subscribe to our ECM blog but not our Portal blog, here a couple of posts you […]

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Will the demand for Digital Rights Management Grow?

The question is….will the need for Digital Rights Management (DRM) Grow? The reason I ask this questions is the direct result of the Wikileaks. If DRM was used by the government would this have avoided this type of event? My answer to this question is yes, it would have reduced the impact…Digital Rights Management has […]

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ECM? What is that?

Many years ago I started my path down a career ECM as a File Clerk in a Law Firm. When I took over managing the firm’s records I had no clue what ECM meant nor could I have imagined that it would become a common place term.  I was just worried about making sure lawyers did not […]

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External Taxonomy Services Unify Enterprise Taxonomies

As organziations execute their ECM strategies, they are finding that they are implememting multiple ECM solutions.    Typically, we are seeing that SharePoint being used for managing collabotrated content and documents, while most standard ECM solutions, such as Documentum, FileNet, OpenText or Oracle, are being used for document centric applications and records management.  This multiple ECM […]

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AIIM Releases “State of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)” Survey Results

AIIM recently released the survey results from their “State of Enterprise Content Management” survey. They interviewed 751 individuals with 31% representing organizations with over 5,000 employees, 43% representing organizations between 500-5,000 employees, and 26% representing organizations between 10-500 employees. Some key takeaways: 15% said they have not yet implemented an ECM system but plan to. […]

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Save money – Go Green!

Recycling, reusing and being green in general seems to be synonymous of saving money, which made it very popular. I believe that a good way to save energy would be to reduce the use of our work computers 1hr per day. I am sure that most people would support shorter workdays, but as consultants we […]

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Managing privacy risk in the digital age (Webinar this week)

One of the biggest challenges faced by IT leaders today is spending a lot of time, money and resources trying to comply with government regulations and internal requirements, but yet still experiencing repeated non-compliance issues. On top of that, IT leaders often cannot determine why this is the case. It typically comes down to “culture” […]

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The weakest link within ECM Solutions

The success of an Enterprise Content Management System really depends on user adoption. What is the most important aspect of user adoption…in my opinion it is the ability to find the content they are looking for. If you can’t find the information why bother capturing the content and indexing it.  When I look at most […]

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