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Posts about ECM on our Portals blog

Because so many aspects of the various IT disciplines are interconnected, naturally many of our blog posts relate to more than one category, as does much of enterprise content, which makes it so challenging to manage! In case you subscribe to our ECM blog but not our Portal blog, here a couple of posts you […]

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Faceted navigation: facet overload

Faceted navigation can be very useful and a valuable part of a good taxonomy. Advances in computing power and CMS capabilities have made it easy to present users with a plethora of choices for narrowing their selections from a large data set. While it’s tempting to expose all the metadata that is available for site […]

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Taxonomy vs. Information Architecture

“Taxonomy” is an overused term. There are both different kinds of taxonomies and different definitions of taxonomies. In general, taxonomy is a hierarchical structure for the classification or organization of data, historically used by biologists to classify plants or animals according to a set of natural relationships. In content management and information architecture, taxonomies are […]

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