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Once upon a time there was Paper…

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have trouble explaining to my kids that there was a time when all the news was delivered through newspaper, and bills were paid using paper. In fact I can see myself reading to my grandkids a fairy tale (on an iPad) that would start “Once upon a time there […]

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The Enterprise Content Management Swiss Army Knife

More and more often I find people looking for the “Holy Grail” of enterprise content management. Too often, they try to integrate governance, user management and the cure for cancer in one product. Surprisingly, there are those out there who are offering all of this and more. Even more incredibly, there are CXO’s who believe […]

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Save money – Go Green!

Recycling, reusing and being green in general seems to be synonymous of saving money, which made it very popular. I believe that a good way to save energy would be to reduce the use of our work computers 1hr per day. I am sure that most people would support shorter workdays, but as consultants we […]

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How XML and collaboration promote “green” content management

Green approach and reusability. As the days go on, the general public seems to become more and more concerned with being “green.” Especially because in many cases being green means saving some money. And the best part is that creativity has been put to work, and many brilliant ideas about energy (and money) savings have […]

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Spam and JIT: Amazon Vs The Corner Store

In my first post, I was asked about spam and how ECM can help with it. If you are not familiar with the term spam, it is any information which is delivered to you which you don’t really care to know. Today, email servers’ administrators/providers are doing a good job preventing spam from filling inboxes, […]

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ECM: Are you ready to upgrade?

My uncle, a lawyer with many years of experience, always says “if it is not broken, don’t fix it.” But for him a computer is just a very expensive typewriter (FYI: he owns a 286 with a 2G HD). As an engineer, I love that my job lets me be on top of the latest […]

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