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Alan has more than 25 years experience in all phases of information systems development. He has worked as a research analysts focusing on the Content and Document Management markets and a consultant where he designed and implemented document management systems. He has engaged in technology management for major pharmaceutical companies.

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External Taxonomy Services Unify Enterprise Taxonomies

As organziations execute their ECM strategies, they are finding that they are implememting multiple ECM solutions.    Typically, we are seeing that SharePoint being used for managing collabotrated content and documents, while most standard ECM solutions, such as Documentum, FileNet, OpenText or Oracle, are being used for document centric applications and records management.  This multiple ECM […]

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Is Re-tweeting better than Tweeting?

I have been using Twitter for most of this year to Tweet what I find to be interesting information.  (You can follow me at @AlanWeintraub). I am not one of those tweeters who tweets their every movement during the day.  I see the value of Twitter a bit different than most. I feel that Twitter […]

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Managing Social Conscience in the Corporate World

The incident at Rutgers has made me think about the implications of our actions when posting information to a social networking site.  I just posted a BLOG on the AIIM Coommunity site that addresses the need to implement a Governance program that sets the rules for insuring the integrity of information loaded onto a Corporate […]

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Do Search and Tag Clouds Replace the Need for a Taxonomy

There has been a lot of discussion on our ECM and Portal Blogs concerning the need for a formal Taxonomy.  I guess I am a traditionalist and still see the need for a taxonomy.  A Taxonomy can address two aspects of finding information; Using content/ asset types and  metadata to find information with the highest accuracy.  […]

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The Need for an Information Governance Program

I am attending the IBM Smart Governance Conference this week.   This is my second Governance Council meeting and I am thrilled to see that Council has evolved to look at governance not only from a data perspective, but now understands that unstructured information is equally important to a good governance program. The discussions this week […]

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SharePoint Governance: Yes, You Need It.

I recently published an article in AIIM on SharePoint Governance.  Successful SharePoint implementations are less about the technology and more about the business functions that are delivered to the end users. To insure that the delivery of the SharePoint solution is consistent and meets the needs of the users, a robust governance program should be […]

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Slides from AIIM Webinar – Content Delivery into SharePoint

Just completed a webinar that addressed the automation of the paper capture and integration into SharePoint.  This is an interesting concept as it is critical to the conversion of a paper based system into an electronic, paperless office.  I am not a believer that the paperless can actually be accomplished but by integrating a capture […]

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Webinar: Speed Content Delivery into SharePoint

The papeless office is a direction that most Companies are striivng for, but is this really achievable.  Join me for the AIIM Webinar on capturing documents and managing them in SharePoint Stop the paper chase. You, and your users, need information. And you need it fast. You have capture tools. You have SharePoint. To maximize […]

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Making Better Informed Business Decisions

Running a successful business today requires the ability to make fast informed decisions that could result in a financial windfall or the collapse of a company.  Information required to make these decisions does not exist in a single location or even in a single format.  Corporate information can exist in many operational systems throughout an […]

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Collaboration. What’s Your Best Strategy?

Does your organization have a collaboration strategy?  OK, so there’s no one true answer that can encompass every company. However, read this article for how to get the best strategy for YOU going.

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