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Will the demand for Digital Rights Management Grow?

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The question is….will the need for Digital Rights Management (DRM) Grow? The reason I ask this questions is the direct result of the Wikileaks. If DRM was used by the government would this have avoided this type of event?

My answer to this question is yes, it would have reduced the impact…Digital Rights Management has been a underutilized tool, not only by governments but also private and public companies. This is not a new term or technology. Many instances of leaked information has hurt organizations around the world…so why not use DRM? Organizations are typically reactionary and have a hard time justifying costs to the number crunchers of the groups. We have seen the same type of response for the records management industry. In many cases, organizations are required by government agency’s to keep certain records and in other cases it is the fear of ligation. The driving factor is costs and fear of being in the press. Both DRM and Records Management are components of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The sum of it and my prediction is that DRM will be come a more common term and leveraged technology as a result of this event. The percived cost will be less of an issue as a the benefits will be realized

2 thoughts on “Will the demand for Digital Rights Management Grow?

  1. Omar, by DRM do you mean that the authorization to view a specific content object is embedded in that object itself. Thus making it impossible to view it even if it was copied to a thumb drive?

    1. Omar Koudsi Post author

      Michael, Yes…we have seen the music and film industry use this method to control copy rights. In the ECM world it is also refered to as IRM Information Rights Management. My feeling is that these two terms will converge as they really mean the same thing and the goals are the same…Control how content is used.

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