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Save money – Go Green!

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Recycling, reusing and being green in general seems to be synonymous of saving money, which made it very popular. I believe that a good way to save energy would be to reduce the use of our work computers 1hr per day. I am sure that most people would support shorter workdays, but as consultants we cannot compromise on delivery. So, the question is: How do we reduce the amount of time we expend in front of the computer and increase our productivity?

When creating collateral content, the approval workflow process tends to be more complicated than most of us actually realize. For example, for an event, a flyer must reflect not only the nature of the event but the organization (company) itself, therefore in many cases there is multiple teams in charge of selecting/approving images, writing/approving text and some times even graphs. Additionally, there might be some brochures handouts during the event, and a couple of PowerPoint presentations. Each of these marketing collateral requiring content and design creation and approval. These processes become more efficient when you can reuse text, pictures, and graph for multiple documents once each piece has been approved.

Reusing approved content start by identifying the pieces (chunks). There are three basic types of chunks: Images or pictures, graphics (bars, pies, etc), and text. Then the combination: text that gives the projections for next quarter is usually best understood with a graph (chunks made out of chunks). These approve chunks of content can now be used to create multiple collateral content. With Perficient’s collateral creation solution now when a chunk of content is updated, all future publication will be updated. The quarter statement now will be automatically producing brochures, and flyers just by updating/approving content in one place and then publishing!

I believe this a great way to improve energy efficiency, what do you think? How does content management can help us go green?

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