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Why is SEO actually work Part 2

A comment from the previous part of this topic has inspired me to share a wider view of the process… which includes more work. I was inspired by a conversation I had with some colleagues about some ECM implementations that were not being indexed and were lacking in basic HTML standards. Considering that you are […]

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Why is SEO actually work?

Or maybe the complete question is:  Since lots of SEO standards match HTML 1.0-4.0 standards why does it take additional work to optimize a web page after you go through all the trouble of creating it? When you think about it, why isn’t it already optimized?   For a large site with a few million pages […]

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The Synergy between Organic and Paid Ads

The ongoing argument of whether to promote a website by optimizing organically or by virtue of paid ads is a struggle every online marketer has to balance. Although agreeing that both methods are important rarely are companies prepared to exercise the synergies between the two. Before we discuss the relationship we should begin with definitions: […]

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Does it really take money to make money?

Well, yes and no. The phrase ‘it takes money to make money’ implies some blind spending.  Blind spending that business people agree to after shiny marketing pitches.  Remember Darren Stevens from Bewitched?  Darren was an Ad guy and (as ad guys had to do back then) worked by this premise.  Darren didn’t have digital billboards […]

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