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The weakest link within ECM Solutions

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The success of an Enterprise Content Management System really depends on user adoption. What is the most important aspect of user adoption…in my opinion it is the ability to find the content they are looking for. If you can’t find the information why bother capturing the content and indexing it.  When I look at most of the ECM solutions out there today, the weakest component always seems to be the built in search engine. If we know that locating content is key, why are the ECM vendors not beefing this component up? I don’t have a good answer…..

I recognize that the ECM vendors cannot be blamed for it all. Many implementations are simply poorly done in terms of the development of taxonomy and tagging content with the right data. We do know that search solutions such as Google and Bing are what end users are expecting…so why are companies resistant to adding this in to their solutions. The reason I came up with is they are expecting the ECM vendors to provide a quality search tool as a part of their solution and do not want to pay for the extra search engines.

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