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Q and A with Chad Johnson about Google’s enterprise search solutions

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Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

This Thursday, Chad Johnson of Perficient and Nathan Rader, Regional Manager for Google Enterprise products, will meet in St. Louis, MO for a breakfast with IT professionals and business owners to discuss “Realizing Greater Return on Information with Google Search Appliance.” I spoke with Chad about how the GSA can benefit any organization and about his personal experiences with clients.

  1. Why are Google’s Enterprise Search solutions beneficial to the Enterprise? How have you seen organizations use it to cut costs, drive efficiencies, etc.? Google provides a one-box solution that is very easy to install and maintain. It can be up and running, indexing your content in about an hour, but inside the bright yellow box in the same proprietary relevancy algorithms that make Google.com so successful. And even better, the GSA provides the ability to tweak and tune relevancy and add special content in a way that cannot be done with Google.com alone. The GSA brings all of these features inside the corporate firewall and lets you index your data, your way.The cost savings become very apparent as the size of the implementation increases. Google has a very unique technology that allows you to combine multiple GSA’s into larger and larger networks with ease. To accomplish the same thing with other vendors requires more and more complexity. With Google, the complexity stays low, no matter how big the installation.
  1. How does Perficient help enterprises implement GSA solutions? Google is basically a company of engineers that have made a technologically amazing product. But they are not equipped to help companies implement the GSA in all conceivable situations. That is where Perficient can help. We help companies realize the full potential of the GSA by customizing the user experience, implementing custom connectors to index non-standard content, and provide training and hands-on help.
  2. What types of content have you used GSA to index and retrieve in past projects? Here are some examples of what we have done:
    SharePoint (websites, document libraries), EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, OpenText, Lotus Notes databases, Microsoft Commerce (product catalog), network file shares, WebSphere Portal, SQL databases, wikis, forums, knowledge bases, intranet websites, and commercial websites.
  3. How long have you worked with GSA and how many implementations or projects have you worked on specifically related to Google’s search solutions for the enterprise? Perficient has been a partner with Google for approximately 2 years. We are currently engaging with Google on 10-15 new opportunities per quarter, on average.
  4. What types of roles within an organization will get the most value from this event? This event will provide an overview of the Google enterprise search technology, as well as some real-world examples of how Perficient can help implement the GSA in useful and creative ways. The target audience is pretty broad, including people responsible for information management, marketing, IT, and search engine optimization (SEO). This presentation is designed for both managers and consumers of corporate information. If you are responsible for making content accessible to your employees, or you simply access large volumes of information every day, you will find the Google Search Appliance a compelling technology.

Join us in St. Louis, and meet Chad Johnson and Nathan Rader in person.
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