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The Need for an Information Governance Program

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I am attending the IBM Smart Governance Conference this week.   This is my second Governance Council meeting and I am thrilled to see that Council has evolved to look at governance not only from a data perspective, but now understands that unstructured information is equally important to a good governance program.

The discussions this week have centered around the fact that decisions are based on both structured and unstructured information.  The need to insure that this information is accurate is critical to making good decisions.    A sound governance program will address the policies and procedures required to insure that the information maintains its integrity and authenticity so that the users of the information can be assured that the information is reliable and can be used to drive the business direction.

The conference spent a lot of time formulating strategies for maintaining information integrity.  One of the concepts that has emerged from the conference is the notion of an Information Supply Chain.  It was pointed out and heavily discussed that information flows through an organization in a manner similar to a supply chain.  When looking at information in this manner, its easy to see that information is a by-product for most organizations.  Following the organization’s supply chain will also uncover an information supply chain that needs to be controlled and managed to insure quality and timeliness.  This analogy drives home the need for a good governance program.  Information Governance will help an organization to define an Information Supply Chain that insures that accurate, timely information is available to make decisions when needed.

On this note, IBM announced today a series of technology solutions and services that will help organizations establish an Information Governance Program.  This announcement validates the importance of Information Governance to an organization

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