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How XML and collaboration promote “green” content management

Green approach and reusability. As the days go on, the general public seems to become more and more concerned with being “green.” Especially because in many cases being green means saving some money. And the best part is that creativity has been put to work, and many brilliant ideas about energy (and money) savings have […]

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Q and A with Chad Johnson about Google’s enterprise search solutions

This Thursday, Chad Johnson of Perficient and Nathan Rader, Regional Manager for Google Enterprise products, will meet in St. Louis, MO for a breakfast with IT professionals and business owners to discuss “Realizing Greater Return on Information with Google Search Appliance.” I spoke with Chad about how the GSA can benefit any organization and about […]

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The Need for an Information Governance Program

I am attending the IBM Smart Governance Conference this week.   This is my second Governance Council meeting and I am thrilled to see that Council has evolved to look at governance not only from a data perspective, but now understands that unstructured information is equally important to a good governance program. The discussions this week […]

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