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Colorado group will host Google enterprise search meeting with Perficient’s Chad Johnson

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sm_googleAs a follow up to my post last week about the benefits of using the Google Search Appliance for enterprise content and our enhanced partnership with Google, I wanted to let everyone know about an event in January at which Perficient’s GSA “guru” Chad Johnson will be speaking. It’s in about two weeks. On January 14th, the Colorado Software and Internet Association will feature a breakfast meeting called “Realize Greater Return-on-Information with Google.”

Chad is Google Practice Manager and Technical Director here, and he’ll be speaking with Newell Falkinburg, Regional Manager for Google’s enterprise applications team.

The level of detail available at this meeting about GSA looks pretty strong — plus, they plan to cover ROI estimation. If you live in or around Denver and you’re just getting into picking out an enterprise search solution, you won’t want to miss this one.  More details.

When: January 14, 2010
7:30am – 9:30am
Where: Holland and Hart
555 17th Street
Suite 3200
Denver, Colorado  80202

Register Here

Realize Greater Return-on-Information with Google

In today’s business environment, time and information are arguably our two most precious resources. Yet most businesses squander both on a daily basis.

Do you know:
  • How much time the average worker wastes just looking for the right information?
  • How much time is spent by IT professionals storing, organizing, and locating information?
  • How much time employees spend creating spread sheets and documents that will match the exact criteria of  high-overhead information retrieval systems?
  • The amount of information that cannot be found; especially when you need it right now?
  • The amount of information that stays locked in employees’ heads or on their desktops because the time it takes to publish where colleagues can find the information and use it?
  • And, most importantly, how much revenue is lost due to delays in time-to-market caused by all of the above?
The high costs to a company of not finding information, or of finding it too late, include faulty decisions, duplicated efforts, lost productivity, and missed opportunities. Their impact can cascade throughout an organization. The personal frustrations involved are also considerable – as anyone who has tried and failed to find a slide or a spreadsheet in time for a vital meeting can testify. The costs can be even higher in fields such as health care, the pharmaceutical industry, and life sciences, where up-to-date information and time-to-market are competitive essentials.
Yet, given the economy, organizations simply don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money deploying an enterprise search system.  And outside of procuring the system itself, the real cost in many cases can be in integrating the system to the various content repositories and business applications.

During this program you will:
  • Gain insight around the importance of search architecture to aid in quicker retrieval
  • Hear how due diligence steps are involved in deploying enterprise search
  • Learn about Google’s ‘ROI JumpStart’ program
  • Hear about Perficient customers achieving a greater ROI on their information

To address these issues, Google has a two-fold solution.  First, they’ve architected the Google Search Appliance in such a way that it is extremely easy to deploy, and brings Google’s internet search expertise to the enterprise.  Second, they’ve brought in key partners to quickly onboard organizations and provide a ‘JumpStart’ to their deployment and achieving an ROI.  One such partner is Perficient, a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States.  As a key Google partner, Perficient uses their expertise in designing and delivering enterprise search solutions to help customers gain competitive advantage, improve productivity, and reduce information technology costs.


Newell Falkinburg, Regional Manager, Google Enterprise
Newell’s primary focus is helping strategic customers, in the Pacific Northwest and Desert Mountain Regions, to optimize there technology investments, through search and collaboration solutions.  He has been an award winning member of the Enterprise Team for over 2 years.  Previous to Google, Newell was a Strategic Account Manager at Microsoft and a Director of Business Development at Hewlett Packard.  Originally an engineer, Newell has a degree in Physics and a Masters in Electrical Engineering, having worked as a software developer at Bell Laboratories.

Chad Johnson, Google Practice Manager, Perficient
Chad Johnson is Google Practice Manager and a Technical Director at Perficient.  As part of Perficient’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) practice, he has designed and implemented a wide range of solutions, including content capture, scanning, search, and workflow.  In his seven years with Perficient, Chad has worked with numerous ECM software partners and has integrated these tools into complex business processes.  His clients span an array of industries, including IT, oil & gas, food services, shipping, healthcare and education.  Chad has a computer science degree from Rice University.  He currently resides in Houston, TX with his wife and has become a dad twice over in last year.
Ticket Information
$15 Members; Premium Members receive two complementary tickets
(Please contact Amy Beth Andrews for the promo code)
$55 Non Members

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