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Google Search Appliance: Benefits for enterprise content

As we move into 2010, it may be a great time to evaluate what your team is doing to ensure your organization’s documents and data across the organization are as organized, indexed and searchable (retrievable) as possible for employees, customers and potential customers.  For many years now, companies have been implementing enterprise search solutions across […]

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Spam and JIT: Amazon Vs The Corner Store

In my first post, I was asked about spam and how ECM can help with it. If you are not familiar with the term spam, it is any information which is delivered to you which you don’t really care to know. Today, email servers’ administrators/providers are doing a good job preventing spam from filling inboxes, […]

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SharePoint Governance: Yes, You Need It.

I recently published an article in AIIM on SharePoint Governance.  Successful SharePoint implementations are less about the technology and more about the business functions that are delivered to the end users. To insure that the delivery of the SharePoint solution is consistent and meets the needs of the users, a robust governance program should be […]

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Slides from AIIM Webinar – Content Delivery into SharePoint

Just completed a webinar that addressed the automation of the paper capture and integration into SharePoint.  This is an interesting concept as it is critical to the conversion of a paper based system into an electronic, paperless office.  I am not a believer that the paperless can actually be accomplished but by integrating a capture […]

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ECM: Are you ready to upgrade?

My uncle, a lawyer with many years of experience, always says “if it is not broken, don’t fix it.” But for him a computer is just a very expensive typewriter (FYI: he owns a 286 with a 2G HD). As an engineer, I love that my job lets me be on top of the latest […]

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