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Making Better Informed Business Decisions

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Running a successful business today requires the ability to make fast informed decisions that could result in a financial windfall or the collapse of a company.  Information required to make these decisions does not exist in a single location or even in a single format.  Corporate information can exist in many operational systems throughout an organization.  These systems contain the information that is used to run the company. Information can be both structured and unstructured.  Information can exist in:

  •  Databases (structured information) that are the underlying pinning of the operational systems, such as the financial, manufacturing and human resource systems. 
  • Documents (unstructured information) that are used to record the organization’s processes or communicate the financial state of the company.

Join us for a Webinar on October 22, 2009 at 1:00pm ET to discuss the implementation of an Enterprise Information Management solution..

This Webinar will present an approach for creating an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy that fosters the ability to collect both structured and unstructured information when faced with the need to make a decision.  To do this, users will need to leverage technology in ways that extend past their typical uses.  These technologies must provide a seamless, role based set of tools that let users be more efficient in completing their key tasks.  The Webinar will provide the attendees with a review of the top EIM vendors; their approaches, their technology suites and overarching strategies.

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