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Why charge by the page?

A question I have been asked a couple of times over the last  few weeks is “Why do Scan software vendors charge by the page when they already charge for the software? To be honest….I do not have a good answer. I can understand the frustration that customers have with the scan or capture  software vendors. […]

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Making Better Informed Business Decisions

Running a successful business today requires the ability to make fast informed decisions that could result in a financial windfall or the collapse of a company.  Information required to make these decisions does not exist in a single location or even in a single format.  Corporate information can exist in many operational systems throughout an […]

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Collaboration. What’s Your Best Strategy?

Does your organization have a collaboration strategy?  OK, so there’s no one true answer that can encompass every company. However, read this article for how to get the best strategy for YOU going. http://www.aiim.org/infonomics/collaboration-what-is-your-best-strategy.aspx

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