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To migrate or not to migrate (Content that is)

When a company implements a Content Management System (CMS) or starts a CMS project, a plan to deal with any existing content needs to be taken into account. Of course there are times when there may not be existing content so in that case this makes life simple, but less often this is not the case. So the […]

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EIM, the next frontier

So what does the future hold for Enterprise Content Management?  For those following this industry, I am sure that you have noticed that the differences between the ECM vendors have narrowed.   Each of the top vendors supply similar functionality, with their differentiation coming in the solutions they provide and the industries they target.  From a […]

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Taking on the File Room

One of the biggest challenges clients have when moving hard copy documents and records into a content management system is the notion of where to start.  In many cases companies try to take on more than they can handle and in some instancess over complicate the process. Here is how I approach it…

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Managing Organizational Change in an ECM Project

Many ECM projects fail not because the technology implementation was flawed or the business process did not provide the desired enhancements, but because the end users found ways around the system.    ECM projects suffer from the ‘It was easier before’ syndrome.   By this I am referring to fact that there may actually be more steps […]

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