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For the Record: What is a Record?

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What is a record? AIIM defines a record as ‘evidence’ that has been derived from a ‘business action or decision’. So if we think about that definition for a minute, we can safely assume that records can take the form of both electronic and physical evidence within a corporate entity. Some examples of what constitutes physical records could be: paper invoices, a working prototype/invention, core soil sampling and memos. Organizations today struggle to gain both corporate and government compliance; the two common questions that are always asked: “Where do we start?” and “How do we know if we are in compliance?” The answer to both of those questions is to get thought leadership from an outside compliance organization, which specializes in both ECM and ERM compliance. These organizations will leverage templates and tools that are designed to perform the up-front work in creating a file plan, record series, groups, and update processes in declaring records to name a few.

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