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When is Email a Record?

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One of the tasks that I typically get involved in, is helping clients define their records. This process can be tedious, but also very educational for the client. During this process we are normally asked two questions, The first being, ” What about email, That is a record type right?  The answer to that question is “No, email is not specifically a record type, but a media”.  Which then leads to the second question “So When is Email a Record?”

Email is a record when the content contained in the email can be classified as record, according to the company’s retention schedules. A simple email to discuss lunch plans with a co-worker is not a record, but an email that discusses the extension of a contract would be considered a record.  Understanding the value of the information contained in an e-mail is critical to the records determination process.  This means that companies must depend on their staff to understand the value of the content contained in an email and appropriately classify that email as a record.

To protect themselves companies need to make sure they do two things, first educate their staff on their definition of a record and the records plan and then show them how to store or preserve emails that are determined to be records.  

Post a comment telling us what your company does to addresses email as a record.

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