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For the Record: What is a Record?

What is a record? AIIM defines a record as ‘evidence’ that has been derived from a ‘business action or decision’. So if we think about that definition for a minute, we can safely assume that records can take the form of both electronic and physical evidence within a corporate entity. Some examples of what constitutes […]

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Why do I need a Taxonomy?

I was in a customer presentation the other day and was asked about the importance of a taxonomy to the successful implementation of an ECM solution.   Why do you need a taxonomy and what value does it bring to the project?   Taxonomy provides the structure to the ECM solution that enables the users to easily find […]

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When is Email a Record?

One of the tasks that I typically get involved in, is helping clients define their records. This process can be tedious, but also very educational for the client. During this process we are normally asked two questions, The first being, ” What about email, That is a record type right?  The answer to that question is “No, email is […]

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SharePoint and ECM, a Peaceful Coexistence

Almost all of my current discussions with clients find their way to SharePoint and ECM.  Many times I am presenting to a group that included the SharePoint advocates on one side of the room and ECM advocates on the other.  Depending who you are listening to in the industry will lead you to sit on […]

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