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Site Search Is Important Too

Rick Bauer over on our Microsoft Blog had a good point to make regarding search.  Like him, I find that all too often, site search and search optimization come in dead last. It’s time to re-platform, upgrade or simply join the world of Customer Experience Platform site management. You hold internal meetings where rough budgets are […]

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The Changing Nature of Search

CMSWire has a thought provoking article about the “Changing Nature of Search” The author Gerry McGovern notes that search changes over time and changes based on our behavior with applications and sites.  Once we find a site to apply to a specific task like cheap airfare, then we stop hitting Google or Bing for example. […]

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What is the answer – structure or search

Earlier this week, Gartner hosted a debate to determine whether structure or search are more important to organizations data needs. Some insights I wanted to share with you from this debate are: Gavin Tay from Singapore – Structure Hans Galler Kuller from Germany – Search End-users want the Google search experience inside their organizations. Search […]

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Perficient Receives Award for Search Deployment Excellence

Last week our Google Search Appliance practice team attended the Google Global Partner Summit in San Francisco, CA with over 600 fellow partners worldwide.  In addition, more than 200 Google employees were there to present, facilitate, or answer questions and provide their view on the future of Google Enterprise and the technologies they are creating. […]

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Multifaceted Search using IBM Web Content Manager

Maria Rauba from Asponte presented how she implemented a multifaceted search using IBM Web Content Manager in Portal.  Faceted search is an often requested feature and is not something that comes out of the box in WCM.  Components used: Custom JSP Custom Search Seedlist WCM Search component Custom Javascript The HTML Form contains the custom […]

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Hashtags for Cancer

Over on, Dr. Michael Katz talks about connected health care.  In this blog post, Hashtags in Cancer Care: Embedding Meaning in Digital Health, he proposes a more formal set (“ontology”) of hashtags for cancer information.  While hashtags have traditionally been a means of spontaneously organizing Twitter  tweets, I think Dr. Katz’s idea has a lot […]

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Social Intranet Technologies, Part 4

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, I introduced many of the technologies used to build a social intranet.  In part 3, I talked about three scenarios and list some of the technology that would be involved in each social intranet.  For this last part of the series, I want to talk about what some of […]

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Why We’re only in the Early Days of Social Search

Mashable’s Samantha Murphy has an interesting article on “Why We’re in the Early Days of Social Search“.  She correctly notes that we haven’t seen anything yet from social search. While I personally use Google about 90% of the time.  I find that I hit twitter about 5% of the time for very specific searches that […]

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Horizontal vs Vertical Portal: Search

You may be interested in the other parts of this series: Kickoff UI Integration   Search lately has become very important to almost every single portal client.  Most users still complain about how bad the existing search is. They complain about it’s counter-intuitiveness.  They complain about how you can’t find anything. Really what they are […]

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Driving Value with SharePoint Search

Over on CMSWire, Christian Buckley posted an article about SharePoint Search.  Buckley’s post talks about a presentation given by Michal Pisarek at the recent Australian SharePoint Conference. The post and the presentation focused on the business value of search and hoe you should organize your content in SharePoint to create better search results. Pisarek argues […]

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