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What Makes a Great Healthcare Portal

When somebody says “Healthcare Portal”, what does that mean to you?  Unfortunately the word portal has been used so broadly that it generally is confusing.  Here are examples of how the word portal is used in various contexts: In the new federal healthcare law, the government is mandating that a health exchange portal be created. […]

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WebSphere Portal 8 Beta Review – new Managed Pages feature

As my colleague Michael Porter mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I have been looking at WebSphere Portal 8 Beta and am going to review some of the new features with you in a series of posts. I just installed Beta 2 and have spent a couple of hours playing with the new Manage Pages feature.  With […]

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IBM Announces new Social Software

IBM just announced new mobile social applications.  IBM has been a leader in the social marketplace over the last several years and this announcement continues their leadership status. The announcements cover applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices, so they have the major players covered. Here are the new applications IBM announced: New social networking […]

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WebSphere Portal and Maven

“Well it works on my machine” is the single most frustrating developer quote you will hear while working on a portal project. The open source world has experienced great success with automating builds and server deployments using apache maven and continuous integration (CI) servers like hudson, continuum, cruise control and others. Investing time in the beginning of […]

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WebSphere Portal and WCM 8 Beta now available from IBM

This past week, IBM officially released Beta 1 of WebSphere Portal version 8 for public consumption.  The beta is open to the public for testing.  Here is some information about this first Beta from Lauren Wendel’s blog post on IBM’s WebSphere Portal Blog: “Version 8.0 Beta offers users a more seamless and rich user experience. […]

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WCM + ECM <> Portal Strategy

I came across this article: ECM + WCM = Your Portal Strategy by Kimberly Samuelson. I might be jaded or maybe its because I work so closely with capital-p Portals, but I can’t agree that a portal strategy consists of simply blending Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM).  To me a Portal […]

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Differences between Web Content Management and Portal Web Content Management

We often encounter companies who are trying to improve their web sites by implementing some sort of content management system.  Portal vendors will sell them on the benefits of using portal technologies to integrate applications with content.  Non-portal vendors will sell their products based on traditional content management features, such as site management, page creation, […]

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Multilingual sites in IBM Portal and Web Content Management (WCM) V7

IBM recently released their updated Multilingual solution for Portal and Web Content Management V7.   If you are familiar with previous versions of MultiLingual Solution, you will be comfortable with this latest version. The basic concept behind localizing content is to have multiple WCM libraries, each set up to serve a different locale.  One library is […]

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What New in IBM’s Web Content Manager (WCM) Product

With the upcoming September 1, 2010 release of WebSphere Portal comes a new version of WCM.  Actually, the largest changes in the new release come from WCM.  The UI is very different and much easier to use.  They’ve put a lot of thought in making this something that really works for you.  For example, a […]

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Lotus Forms Now Has a Workflow Engine

Whenever you have a form, you more than likely also need a workflow.  I would bet that 70% of the time a human based workflow would be sufficient and that 30% of the time you need a tool that handles both human workflow (review the form, make changes, and approve it) as well as computer […]

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