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Please Don’t Tell Me Social Media Doesn’t Work

I was listening to Bloomberg on the radio today and heard a segment that I knew I had to share. I knew I had to share it because it was a topic that continues to be discussed and debated. In fact, I had similar conversations with two business owners in the last two weeks. Social […]

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Facebook at Work is a Game-Changer, Folks

In the world of enterprise social networks, Facebook’s somewhat stealthy new offering has the potential to be a real game-changer.  According to TechCrunch, the product, known simply as “Facebook at Work”, is slowly building up a long waiting list of interested corporate customers. Of course it is.  And why wouldn’t it?  Most everyone these days […]

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Why Do Contextual Ads Fail?

I’ve blogged about the personalization failure before.  Now it looks like others are catching on to the ultimate failure on their part, even as they harvest huge amounts of private information about us. This article in ComputerWorld outlines the issues. The author Mike Elgan hits the topic of privacy quickly and never lets it go: […]

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Facebook Introduces New Campaign Structure

Facebook has been hailed and maligned at the same time for its advertisement features.  On one hand, Facebook ads promise to reach large, targeted audiences with your message.  On the other hand, Facebook ad reach is a black box that only Facebook controls.  In a previous post, Why Facebook is Failing Marketers, my colleague Michael […]

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Dreamforce: Managing Social Conversations with Buddy Media

Barbara Meskin from Jim Beam presented how that brand learned how to engage customers through social media on a global scale.  The journey that she decribed included the following steps over two years, although these things were not done linearly all the time: Social Audit – here they had to figure out what they had […]

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Why Facebook Is Failing Marketers

Forrester and Nate Elliott just released a short but insightful paper on Why FaceBook is Failing Marketers.  He and the other authors include survey feedback from the value marketing professionals receive from Facebook.  It’s worth it to read the whole article if you have access to Forrester. What I like best is his analysis of […]

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Social Intranet Technologies, Part 3

In the past two posts (Part 1 & Part 2), I list many of the key technologies that make up a social intranet.  In this post, I’m going to talk about how you might combine those different systems into an overall social intranet platform for your company.  In the next post in this series, I’ll […]

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Social Intranet Technologies, Part 2

In part 1 of this series (see Social Intranet Technologies, Part 1), I talked about many different technologies or systems that make up a social intranet.  In this post, I want to expand the list of technologies, and discuss briefly several technologies that often get overlooked, but can be an important part of a great […]

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Social Intranet Technologies, Part 1

I’ve been seeing a lot of interest in the concept of a Social Intranet lately.  The intranet is your company’s internal content network.  In many cases, it is nothing more than a series of links to other systems.  In more sophisticated intranets, companies publish corporate news and announcements, departments have their own pages to share […]

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Apple and Facebook Should Be Terrified Of Google-Tinted Glasses

Techcrunch has an article out about why Apple and Facebook should be terrified of Google Glasses.  I think the idea of the glasses has merit although I suspect the first iteration of these things will need a lot of work.  But given what they could do for you and how they could integration voice, map/directions, […]

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