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Modern Cloud and the Impact on Digital Transformation

Modern business moves faster than ever, with more access than ever to innovative hardware and software solutions. To counteract the competitive landscape, savvy business executives must do what they can to adjust to changing climates and remain adaptable through technology and strategy. As a result of these changes, many businesses are considering cloud computing solutions […]

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A Dead Economist’s Argument for Cloud Computing

In 1815, after Duke of Wellington ends years of war between the United Kingdom and France by defeating Napoleon at Waterloo, the UK parliament passes the “Corn Laws” which prohibit import of cheap grain from France. The motivation is obviously to protect British land owner’s monopoly, but the argument for why the UK shouldn’t be […]

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12 Technologies That Are Improving at Insane Speeds

Business Insider published an article titled “12 Technologies That Are Improving at Insane Speeds” describing a McKinsey report about technologies that are disrupting the global economy.  The image shown here summarizes the 12 technologies and provides a glimpse into the amount of technological improvement provided over the years. Not surprising to me is that areas […]

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IBM Support Open Stack

I’ve started to hear more and more about Open Stack.  It was originally developed by Rackspace and then pushed into a standard at  From CRN we see that IBM is launching into support for OpenStack IBM (NYSE:IBM) embraces OpenStack, the open-source standard used for building cloud-computing stacks, but believes a key piece of its […]

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Amazon’s New CloudFormation Services

eWeek has an article about Amazon’s new CloudFormation services. Think of it like this.  If you have an application, chances are that this application relies on a variety of database, application, storage, and other services.  When you want to scale up and down or you want to move things around, it can be a pain […]

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2011 Enterprise Resets

Aaron Levie of fame posted a really interesting article on that disruptive technology called the cloud. It’s on Techcrunch.  I’m starting to see this a lot in the portal and collaboration world.  You should read the entire article. It’s well worth it.  Also, I couldn’t resist the Dilbert cartoon. Cloud in the enterprise is […]

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Lotus Live and

So can you take two cloud or SaaS applications and make them work together? The short answer is yes.  I find it interesting because of all the social collaboration, email, web conferencing and other capabilities you get in LotusLive can be merged with the CRM capabilities of Even more intriguing is the possibility of […]

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Cloud Computing ROI

I just got a white paper on  cloud computing payback o by Richard Mayo and Charles Peng of IBM.  They put some thought into it so it’s worth reading.

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