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Now You Can Buy Bus Tickets With An App

You can file this under slightly self-serving.  Android Police has a short article on the Bolt Bus app (also available on iOS). It’s highly rated and fairly useful.  Why self-serving you ask?  Well, Perficient developed it for the client.  My twin brother Tim Porter was the manager of that project. Customers can now get their […]

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IBM Mobile Strategies

IBM recently published a new presentation on their mobile strategy for social businesses.  This presentation is a comprehensive look at the available IBM mobile technologies across their broad spectrum of systems, including WebSphere Portal, Lotus Notes, Domino, IBM Connections, Sametime, Sterling Commerce, Cognos and Coremetrics. IBM has a three prong strategy when it comes to […]

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Mobile Development Best Practices

From Desktops to Mobile and Smart Phones – Lessons Learned This session at Lotusphere 2012 was presented by Usman Memonand focused on lessons learned and best practices many organizations face today when moving to mobile platforms.  Some of the key lessons learned are highlighted here. Development Approaches and Considerations Users are attempting to access your […]

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10 Tablets that Should Join the HP Touchpad

Categorize this under the funniest article I’ve seen in a while.  eWeek posted an article about the tablets that should die.  Some you may never have heard of but some are really well known.  When I read the list and then thought of popular tablets, it seems like the only tablet NOT on the list […]

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Google Announces Plans To Bake Android-Like Web Intents Into Chrome

Tech Crunch has an article about new plans for embedding new functionality into the browser.  Actually both Google and Mozilla are working on putting “web intents” into their browsers. Today, Google has announced that it’s planning to integrate Web Intents into Chrome. The news comes on the heels of Mozilla’s announcement last month that it […]

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Stats Comparing iOS to Android

eWeek has an article out comparing iOS to Android.  Despite the surge in Android shipments, the total of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad shipments still far surpasses what Android has shipped.  See the article for all the points they make. 5,200 developers at Apples WWDC 200 Million iOS devices sold 425,000 iPhone apps 90,000 iPad […]

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Mobile Portal 7

In Q3, IBM will be shipping their Portal 7 Mobile theme (insert applause).  This powerful theme takes advantage of the almost-ubiquitous used mobile web-kit.  This compliments IBM’s Mobile Portal Accelerator (MPA) which provides a much broader solution for multiple mobile device support.  The Mobile Theme provides a lightweight toolkit for extending portals to Android, iPhone […]

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50% of Smartphone Buyers Choose Android

By way of Tony Karre who emailed me about it comes this article in Beta News by Joe Wilcox.  It’s a really good article with lots of IDC and Nielsen data laying out what’s been happening with smartphones and market share over the last year.  He also notes a skew against Android by these IDC […]

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Mobility at Verizon Wireless

You’ve all probably heard of Verizon.  Supporting 94 million customers presents quite a challenge. They are at IBM’s Impact conference talking about what they’ve done.  They had quite the crew ranging from the architects to the developers. Verizon wireless manages their own development, their own network, and their own systems.  That gives Verizon unique access […]

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Lotusphere 2010: Mobile Support

So Lotus showcased support for Mobile in a fairly big way. They stated that they have developed and will continue to develop mobile UI from the ground up to provide the best user experience for all their applications (Portal, Notes, Connections, Quickr.)  Here is a list of what I heard regarding Mobile: 1. RIM (Blackberry) […]

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