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12 Things to Get Your Portal in Production Quickly: Wrap Up

Over the last 3 weeks Mike Porter and I have covered a number of topics to consider when trying to accelerate your speed to production for a portal project.  In case you missed any of the installments, here they are.  Good luck on your project! Previous Installments Dependency Management Ramp Your Resources Don’t Forget Your […]

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12 Things to Get Your Portal in Production Quickly: Part 12 Use an Iterative Development Methodology

Mention of the word, “methodology” need not elicit groans.  Without a repeatable approach to projects it’s easy to miss key requirements, expectations, errors, etc.   So use a software developer methodology for your project. Which methodology to use? Frankly, I don’t care which methodology you use as long as it’s not a waterfall methodology.   I’ve been […]

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12 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Portal Project: Wrap UP

We have shown you a variety of ways in which you can screw up your portal project.  Glenn Kline and I had fun documenting them.  Of course, we had less fun living through them or consoling clients who were living through them but time heals all wounds and now we can laugh about it.  We’d […]

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12 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Portal Project: #10 When Web 2.0 is 2.Much

Ajax is a good thing, right?    Well, not always. What Happened A financial company had a content based intranet and the implementer decided that absolutely everything should be done using Ajax.   The home page had about a dozen portlets on it.  Some were personalized but most simply displayed non personalized content which did not change […]

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