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[Guide] 2018 Cable, Satellite and Telecom Industries Outlook

Using the insights we’ve gleaned from conversations with clients, perspectives from industry executives, and statistics from market research reports, we have prepared a guide that describes the current state of the communications sector. Use it as a barometer to measure the impact of your own activities and initiatives. How do you compare to your peers? […]

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[Guide] 2018 State of the Energy Industry

There’s probably no better way to introduce our new energy industry guide than by sharing the very first question David M. Rubenstein, president of The Economic Club of Washington D.C., asked John S. Watson, chairman of the board and CEO (retiring February 1, 2018) of Chevron, during an interview last year: “So, what could be […]

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The Whole30 – Organizational Change Management Style!

Have you heard of The Whole30? It’s a diet that focuses on eating the right things, and only the right things, for a 30 day period. At its core, it’s more than a diet; it’s promoting a behavior change. Here’s how it works.  For 30 days, you may eat only whole foods. Eat all you […]

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Digital Transformation Involves More Than Technology

So I and others at Perficient have highlighted many times that Digital Transformation involves more than technology. As a matter of fact, I did a search of Perficient’s web site and got a lot of references to organizational change management (OCM).  So this recent article from is music to my ears. They reference Altimeter’s […]

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Addressing IT Gaps that are Hindering Your Digital Transformation

The sheer scope of a digital transformation can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, organizations try to simplify their digital transformation journey by solely focusing on customer experience. While the digital experience is critical – and the primary component of a digital transformation – a successful digital transformation requires organizations to address underlying IT systems, platforms and operational […]

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Webinar: Modernize Core Tech to Accelerate Digital Transformation

For too long, digital transformation initiatives have focused solely on customer experience. But customer experience is just one half of a successful digital transformation strategy. Yes, external experiences must change to deliver new channels and personalized service, but internal operations and systems must also be transformed. Effective, modern, and digitized internal operations have countless internal […]

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2017 Digital Transformation Trend: Integration is King

Integration is king; long live integration. In some ways, this may be one of the more obvious trends. If you want to deliver a great customer experience, you have to both know something about this person interacting with you and provide key transaction(s). Both of these elements drive the need for integration. Let me give you […]

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Perficient Acquires Management Consulting Firm RAS & Associates

We’re only a couple days into the new year and are already making smart moves to further position our company as a leader in numerous industries, including aerospace and defense, cable and telecommunications, energy and mining, financial services, high tech, manufacturing, and travel and hospitality. Today, Perficient announced the acquisition of RAS & Associates, a […]

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3 Stats that Validate the Need for Effective Change Management

If you want better user adoption – invest in your people. Change management is the process of getting people ready, willing, and able to accept and embrace new ways of working. The focus is not just on looking at the differences and changes; it requires a logical answer to the foremost question on everyone’s minds: “What’s […]

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Spring Boot Actuator – Application Monitoring Made Easy

Spring Boot Actuator helps you manage and monitor your applications using various way like HTTP, JMX and SSH. It allows you to monitor various aspects of your application. Actuator exposes various endpoint to provides different details about environment and application. Following are the endpoints exposed. All the endpoint can be accessed using <host>:port/endpoint for e.g.  […]

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