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My name is Jamie Stump, and I am a Senior Sitecore Consultant at Perficient. I was honored to be named one of only 42 2013 Sitecore MVP’s worldwide. I specialize in Sitecore Architecture and Development and my broad Sitecore experience includes Sitecore installation, configuration and CEP development, including custom DMS implementations for clients. I have implemented Sitecore solutions for a number of industry verticals including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, advertising and retail. In addition to architecting and implementing Sitecore sites and eCommerce solutions, I also work with other Microsoft Technologies, including the .NET platform and SQL Server. You can read through my older Sitecore related blog posts here and my newer ones here. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Development from York College of PA. I am originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, and still reside there with my wife, son, English bulldog and 2 cats.

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Handling Environment Specific Links in Sitecore

One of my clients recently had a somewhat unusual requirement when working with Sitecore.  Due to some business rules, they are forced to input their Production content into Sitecore at their Development Environment and push it from Development all the way up to Production.  Their Sitecore website has links to other of their in-house systems […]

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My Sitecore Symposium 2012 Recap

Now that Sitecore Symposium is a week in the rear-view mirror, and I have power back from Sandy destroying the East Coast, I thought it’s time to get a post out about my experience at Symposium this year.  So here goes… First, I was quite happy with the venue change.  I’m not really big on […]

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Sitecore MVC Dynamic Placeholders

A client recently had a need for using multiple instances of a single sub-layout that had Sitecore placeholders on it.  They discovered that when they tried implementing this, they ended up with duplicate / replicated data in each placeholder of the sub-layout that was used multiple times.  Searching for an answer, we came across this […]

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Sitecore vs. Custom Development Sites

Sometimes when introducing prospective clients to the awesome software that is Sitecore, we face a little bit of a pushback from the IT groups.  This is because a lot of those IT groups include developers who have been working very hard at creating custom applications to suit their companies.  As a developer who spent 5 […]

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Sitecore 6.6 Technical Preview MVC Test Lab Bug Fix

Last week I wrote a blog post about a fix for the bug you will get in Sitecore 6.6 rev 120622 when you try utilizing DMS Personalization on an MVC site.  If you are interested in using the Sitecore Test Lab, which allows Content Editors to create A/B and Multivariate Tests on their content in the […]

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Sitecore 6.6 Tech Preview – MVC Conditional Rendering Bug & Fix

Brief Bug Description: As soon as a change is made and published to attempt to Personalize a Rendering in Sitecore 6.6 rev. 120622 (Technical Preview), an error will be encountered on the page where the personalization has been set up on any MVC site.  The error is “Method ‘ToString’ in type ‘Sitecore.Mvc.Analytics.Presentation.EmptyRenderer’ from assembly ‘Sitecore.Mvc.Analytics, […]

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Professional Sitecore Development: Intro / Chapter 1 Thoughts

While I pre-ordered my copy of John West’s Professional Sitecore Development book, and received it from Amazon pretty much on the earliest possible date, I’m just now finding the time to get into it.  I hope to write a few blog posts detailing my thoughts on the book and passages I think are especially important, […]

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Wait A Second: Just What is Sitecore?

This blog post may seem a bit unnecessary, especially to anyone who’s already worked a fair amount with Sitecore.  Yet I’m rather surprised by the number of clients we’ve worked with who have already purchased Sitecore and made the decision to go with it but aren’t sure how to realize its full potential because of […]

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My Experience with Sitecore Support

If you’ve used or implemented any type of software at a moderate degree, it’s very likely you’ve had to deal with official support for at least a little bit.  I recently had to contact the support team for Sitecore, and I’ve written a blog post detailing my experience.  The post is on Sitecore.net under the […]

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Adding Gamification Concepts to Sitecore

Lately the topic of gamification has been getting a lot of press.  Even here on the Perficient blogs, we’ve had some great gamification posts and white papers, covering a full spectrum from specific technology platforms (IBM Connections), entire solutions (Intranet) to the broad industries (Healthcare).  As an avid gamer, I love that something I have […]

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