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Digital Transformation: Crafting a Vision for Change


Digital experiences change expectations among business customers. Companies see this and strive to do something different, something unique to retain and gain those customers. But where should they start? What must companies do different to meet those changing expectations?

Simply put, they must create products and services that have value. Meeting customer expectations gives a company’s products more value. However, companies must be aware – from the top down – how to create that value, and if customers revise their expectations then a company must revise its perception of what constitutes value.

Today, the companies with excellent perceptions of value are those that have switched their viewpoint from one that is “inside out” (focusing on products and services) to one that is “outside in” (focusing on customer experiences, outcomes, and desires). They understand that digital services form dynamic ecosystems of value for each customer, and they know how to tap into those ecosystems. A simple business trip illustrates this:

Customers swap out one or more services to improve their business travel experience because they understand the experience improves when these services interact effectively with each other. Likewise, companies succeed when their digital vision incorporates tools and services that create valuable experiences, outcomes, and desires for customers.

Acquiring such vision means first honestly answering the question, “How do we create value for the customer?” and following with other honest questions aimed at this goal:

FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER –  How will we create value for customers in the future?

INSPIRE EMPLOYEES –  How must our business change?

PAINT A PICTURE OF FUTURE SUCCESS –  What will our business look like in the future?

The answers to such questions are not easy, and no quick fixes exist for company executives.

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