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IBM Mobile Strategies

IBM recently published a new presentation on their mobile strategy for social businesses.  This presentation is a comprehensive look at the available IBM mobile technologies across their broad spectrum of systems, including WebSphere Portal, Lotus Notes, Domino, IBM Connections, Sametime, Sterling Commerce, Cognos and Coremetrics.

IBM has a three prong strategy when it comes to mobile:

  • Extend & Transform – extend existing systems to mobile devices to create new business opportunities
  • Build & Connect – build mobile application and connect them to backend systems
  • Manage & Secure – manage mobile devices and provide secure access to my business

While many vendors are specializing in one of these areas, IBM offers strong solutions in all three areas.  As mentioned, many of their core solutions have already been extended to mobile devices. They have native apps for Connections, Sametime, Symphony, Notes Traveler, and Cognos nicely on many devices.  You can extend and enhance WebSphere Portal, Sterling, Cognos and Coremetrics as well.

On the manage & secure front, their recent acquisition of BigFix brings the IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices product, which became available in March.  They also have IBM Lotus Mobile Connect which adds more security to devices running Sametime, Connections and Lotus Notes Traveler.

IBM is also introducing a new Mobile Application Center which allows companies to implement a private app store for their devices.  The Mobile Application Center will support apps from different sources and deliver to both iOS and Android devices.

Finally, they have the build side covered as well.  IBM Worklight now provides native apps for a variety of mobile platforms and makes creation of those apps easier.   They also have XPages mobile for Domino, WebSphere Portal Mobile Accelerator, Web Experience Factory, and WebSphere Portal Mobile Experience.

You can view the presentation on SlideShare.

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