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Total Economic Impact of IBM’s Exceptional Web Experience

Forrester recently released a study on the Total Economic Impact of IBM’s Exceptional Web Experience solutions.  You can obtain a copy of the full report here after you register.  The study was commissioned by IBM and they did have some input into the study, but the analysis was completed by Forrester.

In the study, Forrester interviewed four actual customers and built a ‘composite’ company on which to develop the TEI.  The resulting composite company was modelled as a large state-based health services provider with greater than $7B in revenue and 3.5M customers.

As you might expect, the study concludes that there is a big ROI of 96% from the examined solution.  This translates into a payback of less than one year.  Benefits come from a variety of both hard and soft sources:

  • Call Center
  • Online appointments
  • Online bill payment
  • Paper mail
  • Online sales
  • Improved document management
  • Customer retention
  • IT cost avoidance

You can read the study for full details.  It is well presented and supported by solid calculations that take into account all potential costs and benefits.

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